cheese to lose weight

 It is a universal perception that when it comes to resolving to shed weight, the first thing that strikes the mind is to banish cheese from our diets. It is one of the first items on the food list which is addressed while thinking of making healthy food choices. It is a fact that cheese is a powerhouse of phosphorus, calcium as well as proteins. Thus, it is time that we reorient our perception of cheese and change our mindset. Here are a few varieties of cheese that could be incorporated into our weight loss plans without having to feel the burden of guilt.

Varieties of Cheese To Be Eaten To Lose Weight

Feta Cheese – This is prepared from sheep’s milk and is low in fat content as compared to other varieties of cheese. It is an extremely rich source of phosphorus, protein, and calcium which boosts the health of our bones.  By being rich in friendly bacteria, Feta cheese plays a significant role in keeping our gut healthy. Further, cheese made out of sheep milk is known to be less tangy and more creamy.

Mozzarella Cheese – This is a prevalent variant of cheese that is extensively used especially commercially. It is a preferred ingredient for pasta, pizzas, lasagnas, salads, etc. The fresh or unprocessed form should be preferred since this is a healthier option. Fifty gms of Mozzarella cheese contains approximately fourteen gms of protein. Bocconcini balls are one of the nonprocessed forms of this cheese which is easily and abundantly available in the market.

Goat Cream Cheese – Prepared from goat’s milk, this cheese is always a healthier option since it is low in fat and like any other cheese, is a rich source of calcium and protein. It is an effective and viable alternative to cow’s milk or milk products which sometimes is not digested by many people.

Cottage Cheese – Cottage cheese is the freshest variety of cheese and also, a dense source of protein which can keep us satiated for a long. This cheese does not require cooking and can be consumed directly. It is a known fact that protein being a rich by-product, cottage cheese is very popular among sports and fitness enthusiasts.

Cheese is always a good choice to incorporate into our diets and more so because they taste good and make food more desirable. It has been often experienced that when one enjoys what is being consumed, the chances of deviating from weight loss goals are minimized to a great extent. About 40-50 gms in breakfast and 70-80 gms in lunch or dinner could be a part of this protein intake in our daily diet regimen. It is thus recommended that cheese no more is eliminated from our diets. On the contrary, it can be consumed without the feeling of unhealthy eating.

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