Wild Turmeric

Turmeric is a Traditional Indian herb commonly found in kitchens because its only recently that the world opened pharmacies. Until then, our home kitchens used to be the pharmacy of the family. Turmeric is a yellow coloured herb and sometimes also referred to as a spice that is mostly present in curries. Originally from India but now Turmeric is used globally in many cuisines. The scientific name for Turmeric is Curcuma Longa.

In India we cultivate this herb around June & July depending on when the pre monsoon showers begin. The root is harvested around Feb & March. It takes roughly about 7 to 8 months for 1 yield and to be able to harvest turmeric for medicinal or therapeutic consumption, it is sometimes best to let the root stay within the soil for 3 or 4 years. The fresh germination keeps happening during monsoon even if you do not cultivate the herb. Our experience also show that the curcumin along with all other active phytochemical and minerals of Turmeric are more abundantly found in a root thats been under the ground for longer then 1 germination cycle.

Turmeric is a member of Ginger Family and other then the colour and taste, the root look quite similar.

The Turmeric root or rhizome consists of a bulb with multiple fingers. The bulb can not be replanted again but the figures are used as seed if preserved in the natural way. In India, we put them under the dry ground in a jute bag.

Turmeric came to centerstage as the Quest for finding cure for Cancer in the US lead extensive research programs around validating various kinds of solutions to take care of the increasing cancer cases in the US. Increasing used of hybrid cocktail fertilisers and pesticides are adding fuel to the fire. They say necessity is the mother of all inventions and finding cure for cancer lead scientists to try Turmeric to cure Cancer and it worked on rat models and today the science has plenty of published evidences of Turmeric being the remedy for so many problems which modern medicine had no solutions to. We have users who used and still use our products as and when they need it for various kinds of Cancer, Asthma, Pain Management, Inflammation, Liver Disorders, Chest congestions and the list is endless.

Most recently, most of the products being introduced to the masses are Curcumin based and not Turmeric based. This is because in a capitalistic world, discoveries done in university laboratories are also financed by big capitalists who want to be the 1st to register a patent for a solution that mankind desperately needs. This is when the extraction, promotion and formulation of Curcumin was done to be able to control this easily available cure to multiple health problems from reaching common households. This is how Curcumin suddenly replaced the mother herb it is extracted from from the publications. The world started talking about Curcumin and Turmeric which was easily available was never promoted as a cure because people could easily get it directly from a farmer. However our experience and even science confirms that any extract isn’t bio-available in itself which means it is ineffective because the body doesn’t absorb the extract directly. This is why Mother Nature made it part of the whole root. Hence the whole root powder is any day more effective therapeutically then a Curcumin formulation.

Today Turmeric is cultivated throughout the world though most of it is Gene Modified but Turmeric is local to India. We do not know of any other farm even in India today other then Bagdara Farms which cultivates indigenous Turmeric and not a lab prepared variety introduced to farmers for producing in bulk instead of cultivating it for its goodness. Turmeric may not be propagated as a Wonder Herb but its no less then a wonder herb because it has over 256 different pharmacological actions and treats almost all health problems though the usage and dosages are distinct.

Bagdara Farms didn’t start as a farm but as a social endeavour which took shape of 1 big family that only kept getting bigger as more people started relying on us. Today with over 60,000 users globally, we take pride in claiming that our experience supersedes any other farm that cultivates Turmeric.

Our products today are used for Research. Articles are published globally featuring and quoting our products and experience with Turmeric. Since herbs were to be found in the forest, which other better place then Bandhavgarh which is the Tiger Capital of India & is home to maximum tigers in the wild.

So if you have any mild symptoms or major symptoms or have been diagnosed with any disease or a diagnostic test confirms some imbalance in your important vitals, try speaking to one of our consultants and let them help you order the right product from us. Remember we are the farmer of the herb we are promoting unlike other aggregators who offer price benefits through deceiving marketing. We still believe that our true story inspires more people then any deceptive marketing campaign and we believe in Educating our Customers.

Our Needs Inspired Us.

Like everyone, we needed an alternative to modern formulations in our family too. That's when we discovered the power of a herb; "Curcuma Longa"

Early Diagnosis Best Treatment For Oral Cancer

If you have lumps in the throat, ulcers in the mouth and consume tobacco on a regular basis, than its time you take a pause & start taking preventing measures to ward off oral ailments including oral can-cer, which is the leading cause of de-ath these days. Prevention is the best form of cure and what better than going for an organic way with Bagdara Farms curcumin supplement Oropharynim to prevent,  heal and tr-eat any kind of oral troubles & diseases. Oropharynim is a curcumin rich supplement with manifold pharmacological properties like anti- can-cerous, anti-inflammatory, chemo-protective abilities that eliminates the root cause of oral ailments naturally, without causing any side-effects. If you are fearing your oral health can lead to can-cer or if you are already its victim, than start using Oropharynim now.


How Bagdara Farmers Are Reducing Man Vs Wild Animal Conflict?

The efforts we made in the last few years for local welfare are now showing results in the lives of our farmers. They used to grow other cereals on their lands but saving the crop from wild animals around the Bandhavgarh National Park was a major challenge for them. Now, by growing Bagdara Turmeric in their fields they are much more secured in terms of yield and returns. This has led to a miraculous drop in man-animal conflict also. Our commitment of saving the eco-system of Bagdara Village and around is fulfilled and we will continue doing the same.