Acute encephalitis syndrome (AES)

Acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) is known to affect the central nervous system and mostly in young adults and children. It starts with a normal high-grade fever and then rapidly hampers the neurological functions of the brain and finally leading to stages of mental disorientation, seizure, confusion, delirium, coma.

In Bihar alone, since January 2019, 188 cases of acute encephalitis syndrome have been reported resulting in 45 deaths. Most of the casualties were of children and maximum cases were reported from Muzaffarpur, 43 recorded alone in June. According to the National Centre for Disease Control officials, the AES outbreak in Muzaffarpur has been reported since the year 1995. This year, most of the deaths were attributed to hypoglycemia which a low blood sugar level.

When is AES most Spread?

The disease outbreak is mostly reported during monsoons that are from (June-October), thus it is the best time to start taking precaution for deadly AES. In Bihar, cases were reported from April-June also. So, what is the best solution, how to improve your and your kid’s immunity for this? Read on to find out.

What causes AES?

It is a very complex syndrome. It can be caused by a range of agents like bacteria, viruses, and fungi. But in India, the most common cause is the Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus.  The union health ministry has estimated the 5-35% of cases were attributed due to this virus. But, this syndrome is also caused by dengue, mumps, scrub typhus, Zika virus, and even measles.  Also, in most of the causes, the real cause of AES goes unidentified.

Status of AES in India

Take Prevention Before It is Too Late

In the year 2018, 10,485 AES cases were diagnosed and a total of 632 deaths was reported from 17 different states according to the reports of National Vector Borne Diseases Control Programme (NVBDCP). 6% fatality rate has been reported in India in AES but amongst children, fatality rises to 25 percent. The most affected states are Bihar, Assam, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Tripura.  Click here to know the best prevention for AES.

Prevention of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome

The following are the best preventive measures which you can take in order to safeguard your family and yourself from AES-:

  • You must increase the consumption of safe drinking water and follow proper sanitation facilities
  • As children are most susceptible to AES, thus their nutritional status must be improved drastically.
  • Vector control :
    • The most crucial step is to decrease the vector (mosquito) density.
    • The most significant JE vectors are exophilic and endophagic. Piggeries must be kept (4-5 km) from human dwellings. If they are kept away from each other, the risk of transmission reduces drastically.
    • Personal protection against mosquitos needs to be taken as the use of mosquito repellents, insecticide-treated mosquito nets.
    • It must be noted that children must wear sufficiently thick or loosely fitting clothes, especially in the evenings. Long sleeves and trousers with stockings protect the arms and legs of kids from the mosquito bites as these are the most preferred sites for them.
    • In households, prevention must be taken in terms of mosquito coils, pyrethrum space spray, and aerosols.
    • You may also use essential oils from plant extracts like citronella oil, lemongrass oil, and neem oil.
    • The best preventative solution is Nuramin from Bagdara Farms which helps to control the inflammation of the brain which is the cause of JE bacteria. Nuramin is a curcumin-rich supplement that prevents naturally Acute encephalitis syndrome (AES). Nuramin contains Curcumin in a high percentage which due to its pharmacological, medicinal, and therapeutic properties ensures s that the neurological parameters work effectively. Read more about the Nuramin and how it helps to prevent inflammation in the brain, here.
      prevention of AES
  • Vaccination: As per the guidelines of the Govt of India, 2 doses of JE vaccine have been approved which have to be included in UIP. The first dose needs to be given along with the measles vaccination at the age of 9 months and the second with DPT booster at the age of 16-24 months w.e.f. April 2013.

Let us know if you have any doubts related to AES and we will be more than happy to help you.

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