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Who doesn’t want a set of flawless ivory white teeth? Our teeth are almost like a gateway to our personality for someone who is meeting us for the first time. While a smile that reveals pearly white teeth can instantly make you a hit with new acquaintances, a mouthful of stained, discolored, and flawed teeth can just as quickly make people turn away from you. Despite knowing this, a lot of men and women continue to nurture awful habits like chewing paan or worse still, chewing tobacco, drinking many cups of tea and coffee in a day, smoking cigarettes or hookahs, and not brushing as often as is required. As a result, we often come across people sporting dirty teeth that make them look rather unappealing.

So, what causes tooth discoloration? Broadly there are three things that can stain your teeth. These are as follows:

  1. Chromogens are substances that contain pigments that tend to cling to the enamel of your teeth
  2. Acids in certain foods can soften the enamel on your teeth making it much easier for your teeth to get stained
  3. Tannins are plant-based chemicals that help in making stains stick easily on to teeth.

There are a variety of items that we consume on a regular basis that are very bad when it comes to discoloration of teeth.

Things Responsible for discoloration of teeth

  • Tea and coffee are both very high in chromogens and acids thus making them very potent when it comes to staining teeth.
  • Red wine has all three substances mentioned above, thus making it an even bigger culprit.
  • Artificially colored foods like candy, iced lollies, sweetened beverages, etc. are all very damaging to the enamel as well as to exposed root surfaces.
  • Unfortunately, there are some healthy foods too like blueberries, pomegranate, strawberries, cherries, and tomatoes that are very high in chromogens and tannins.

For those who are unable to ditch some of the harmful habits like smoking and consuming excessive caffeine resort to expensive teeth whitening strips and laser treatments to get rid of stains. However, these methods not only come with a hefty price tag, but they are also not very helpful if you continue bad habits like chewing tobacco, smoking, drinking too much tea and coffee, and not brushing enough. There is a natural remedy though that comes at a fraction of the cost and is very effective in removing stubborn stains off your teeth. This therapy is none other than the popular curcumin therapy. Curcumin is a natural phytochemical that is found in abundance in turmeric. It has many healing properties that make it very popular amongst naturopaths and Ayurvedic doctors.

In the case of teeth-whitening, curcumin can be very helpful as follows:

  1. Applying a paste of curcumin powder and coconut oil on the teeth can help in removing stains. This is because curcumin is a gentle exfoliator that can easily lift the stain-causing elements from the teeth while the coconut oil helps by sticking to the fatty outer cell layer of tooth bacteria making it easier for the curcumin to pull it off.
  2. In addition to the above, curcumin has strong anti-microbial properties that help in preventing tooth decay by curbing bacterial buildup in teeth. A simple mouthwash made using curcumin powder and warm water can easily remove existing germs and create an unfavorable environment for any further germ-invasion.
  3. The anti-inflammatory nature of Curcumin helps in bringing down swelling and pain in gums caused by almost all gum diseases. Even in a condition like periodontitis Curcumin based gel has shown to be extremely helpful.
  4. Curcumin also helps in gently removing plaque buildup from spaces between the teeth. This helps tremendously in preventing bad breath.

Oromin is a product created specifically for healthy teeth by the kind folks at Bagdara Farms. It contains curcumin that is grown at Bagdara with special attention paid to organic farming methods and avoiding the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Oromin has all those properties that are needed to keep the mouth smelling fresh as well as to keep oral cavities and gum troubles miles away. It is safe for people of all age groups to use this product due to its organic and pure nature. Do not hesitate in reaching out and making new friends now. Your Oromin-infused dazzling smile will impress everyone and give you the confidence that you always aspired for.

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