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There is nothing more off-putting than a person who stinks. This is a universal truth and I have yet to meet someone who can refute it. Foul-smelling people can make life very difficult for those working with them, living with them, or in general, sharing a confined space like a train compartment or an elevator ride or even an office with them. I remember how offended some of my co-workers would get when a team member of ours would show up wearing an un-washed synthetic shirt during summers. The buildup of sweat under her armpits would be the root cause of the migraine-inducing bad odor that would emanate from her. In most cultures smelling bad is considered to be a sign of being uncouth and ill-mannered.

There is a multitude of factors that can cause bad body odor. Some of these are:

  1. When the sweat glands on our skin start to get clogged up due to lack of hygiene, dirt buildup, or excessive sweat, there tends to be a bacterial aggregation. This bacterial buildup becomes the source of foul smell.
  2. Eating sulfide-rich foods can also contribute to bad body odor.
  3. When the body is undergoing a hormonal change or hormonal imbalance like during a woman’s menstrual cycle, it tends to produce more sweat and emits a foul odor as a result.
  4. Certain drugs that are given to patients suffering from depression or other neurological disorders also trigger the generation of excessive sweat leading to foul body odor.

There are a number of deodorants and perfumes available in the market that claim to fight bad body odor. However, most of these are bad for the skin and have even been linked with issues like breast cancer, birth defects in progeny, etc.

Some of the harmful effects of standard deodorants are given below:

There are several Ill effects of synthetic deodorants and antiperspirants. Some of these are:

1) Most antiperspirants and deodorants contain aluminum that is responsible for plugging your sweat glands. This aluminum is sometimes absorbed by your skin especially if there is a cut or nick through which the chemical can easily seep in. In women, this typically happens near the breast area and is hence responsible for triggering breast cancer.

2) Aluminum in commercial antiperspirants has also been said to cause degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. This is because aluminum can cause nerve toxicity that results in neurological damage.

3) Deodorants are also known to contain parabens that disturb the estrogen balance in a woman’s body making it more susceptible to breast cancer. Parabens also increase the chances of birth defects in children born to those using deodorants containing parabens.

4) Propylene glycol is another ingredient commonly found in antiperspirants. This component is a neurotoxin and can cause skin irritation. It could also be a potential threat to the heart, nervous system, and the liver.

In light of all of the above, it is a wise idea to look for an alternative that helps to eliminate body odor naturally and without any side effects. Curcumin is one such natural substance that can help in keeping body odor miles away. The chief constituent of turmeric, curcumin has many therapeutic properties that are helpful in treating a variety of diseases and conditions.

In the case of body odor, curcumin can help as follows:

1) Curcumin has very strong anti-bacterial properties that help in preventing aggregation of body odor-causing bacteria in places where there is excessive sweat like our armpits. If the overgrowth of such bacteria is curbed, body odor is automatically curbed too.

2) Curcumin paste acts as a great exfoliator as well. It gently scrubs the pores on our skin and removes all the trapped dirt in them. This helps in keeping all the folds and crevices on the body clean thereby eliminating any bad body odor.

3) In addition to eliminating body odor, a Curcumin body mask helps in getting rid of scars as Curcumin helps in regenerating collagen faster which leads to quicker healing of wounds.

4) A Curcumin scrub also helps remove body acne since Curcumin has antiseptic properties that help clear out any infection and treat zits.

While using Curcumin powder on one’s body it is essential to ascertain that it is not chemically laced or artificially colored. Adulterated Curcumin can cause a lot of damage to the skin. Chemical additives can react with the skin and burn it.

Artificial coloring can cause skin discoloration. Selfieme-10X is a natural Curcumin supplement that is created using Curcumin grown at Bagdara Farms. Bagdara Farms is well known for its dedication to growing organic and natural Curcumin. Using Selfieme-10X on your body will bring about all the desired effects without the harmful effects of chemical residues and artificial coloring. You can bid adieu to bad body odor forever and welcome new friends with open arms.

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