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Colon Cancer is the third most common form of cancer around the world as it tends to affect 1 in almost 20 people. In its nascent stage, it shows up in the type of polyp in the colon.

In a period of 7 to 10 years, this polyp matures into a proper malignant growth that is almost impossible to excise.

While in the polyp phase, the cancer cells are limited to the polyp and do not spread to other adjacent regions. It is, therefore, more accessible to intervene during this phase and remove the polyp to prevent the cancer growth and ultimately treat the condition.

Can colon cancer be cured?

Yes colon cancer is very much treatable and curable however this depends on how early it is detected

However, it is difficult to catch colon cancer in its early days especially since the symptoms are either quite subtle or not present at all. There are some faint signs that one should be aware of to be able to spot any possibility of a polyp growing in the colon.

Who is at high risk for colon cancer? 

The risk of colon cancer generally starts in people at the age of 50.

Symptoms of Colon Cancer

1. Bloody Stool – Stools that are speckled with blood or are entirely black are a sure shot sign of something going wrong in and around your colon. Consult a physician if you see something like this for more than two days in a row.

2. Changes in Bowel Pattern – Colonic aberrations can meddle with your usual bowel movements and cause alterations to your set pattern. Keep an eye out for such changes and report them to your doctor.

3. Pain in The Stomach – A nagging abdominal pain or one that is sharp and frequently comes and goes should be discussed with a physician as quickly as possible.

4. Anaemia – If you have suddenly developed a low haemoglobin count and feel unusually drained and tired all the time, it is time to get yourself examined by a doctor.

In case you have noticed any of the above signs recently or are over the age of 45, it is always a good idea to start being cautious. Your first step should be to consult a physician and get yourself screened for colonic carcinoma. The next step, irrespective of whether a polyp has been detected or not, should be to start taking a curcumin supplement that will help reduce any chances of developing a polyp in the future.

Colon cancer stages:

There are 5 stages of colon cancer.

  • Stage 0
  • Stage I
  • Stage II
  • Stage III
  • Stage IV

Is there pain with colon cancer?

Yes, in many cases, patients have felt cramps and stomach pain.

What type of food causes colon cancer?

It has shown in researches that eating habits do affect the cause of colon cancer. Regular and frequent eating of the below foods can cause colon cancer. Red meat, Processed meats, White bread, Sugary beverages, Alcohol, etc.

What is the main cause of colon cancer?

There is no accurate and exact cause of colon cancer however there could be many factors that can cause this condition. Food habits, smoking, alcohol use, hereditary and family history are some of these factors.

What type of food causes colon cancer?

It has shown in researches that eating habits do affect the cause of colon cancer. Regular and frequent eating of the below foods can cause colon cancer. Red meat, Processed meats, White bread, Sugary beverages, Alcohol, etc.

Oncomin, a curcumin-based supplement has been created by Bagdara Farms to serve this very purpose. Since men over the age of 45 are more susceptible to developing colonic carcinoma especially if they have a family history of this kind of cancer, they should start taking a regular dose of Oncomin as part of their daily routine. Aside from being great for your overall well-being, Oncomin has entirely no side-effects since it is one hundred percent natural and organic.

Here are some ways in which Oncomin can help you Manage Colon Cancer better:

1. Curcumin, a natural polyphenolic pigment found in turmeric, is the primary source of all the therapeutic properties that Oncomin boasts of.

Once cancer cells develop in the body, they tend to thrive because specific enzymes promote the survival of these cells and also deactivate those pathways that are meant to induce apoptosis or cell death in the cancer cells.

A regular dose of Oncomin, taken preferably before a polyp is detected, can help in triggering the pathways that induce cell death in cancer cells. Oncomin is helpful in completely cutting off the metabolic processes that keep cancer cells alive, therefore, making it difficult for them to survive.

2. Curcumin has excellent anti-inflammatory qualities that make it ideal for managing chronic inflammation that could be the cause of the development of colonic carcinoma.

By inhibiting the activity of multiple pro-inflammatory pathways in the body like NF-kappaB and TNF-alpha, curcumin effectively combats chronic inflammation.

It is thus a good idea to begin taking Oncomin proactively to stop any cancer progression in its tracks.

3. Chemotherapy is one of the most commonly prescribed treatment options in the case of colonic carcinoma.

The biggest problem with this therapy is the excruciating side-effects that come hand in hand with it. Gastrointestinal issues, skin damage, kidney failure, etc. are all common fallouts of chemotherapy.

The good news is that taking Oncomin in conjunction with chemotherapy can help tone down the intensity of these side effects.

Curcumin tends to form a protective layer around the gastrointestinal tract, the respiratory system as well as other organs to prevent excessive damage due to the harsh drugs administered.

4. Curcumin is a strong antioxidant that can help reduce oxidative stress in the body. Elevated oxidative stress makes your body a prime ground for the development of cancer cells.

Therefore, by scavenging a wide variety of harmful free radicals like Reactive Oxygen Species and Reactive Nitrogen Species, Oncomin can bring down the oxidative stress and make you resistant to the formation of cancer cells.

If any of the above-mentioned benefits of Oncomin sound amazing to you and you are willing to give Oncomin a chance to help keep you away from the spectre of Colon Cancer, order a jar of Oncomin online and get your ticket to good health today!

We recommend at least 2 months dosage of  ONCOMIN. Our products contain properties of naturally grown non-genetically modified Bagdara turmeric which is a holistic approach to healthcare and wellness. Herbs like turmeric heal your body from the root level of a condition.

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