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We all hate stretch marks but inevitably get at some point in time due to some reason or the other. Stretch marks are grooves and parallel lines called stria that appear on the skin. They appear to be bright pink to purple and sometimes light grey also in colour. One can feel the slight ridges and marks on the skin when touched. Stretch marks are also accompanied by itching and soreness. They don’t pose any dangerous risk to the health but don’t look aesthetically pleasing.

Stretch marks are caused by the increase in the amount of the hormone cortisone and stretching of the skin. This hormone cortisone is produced by the adrenal glands and excess production of this hormone causes the skin to lose its elasticity. They also happen when the body grows very quickly due to some reason. The skin can’t stretch beyond a certain limit and if caused to do so, it forms the rippled texture. They appear on different parts of the body like breasts, arms, back, shoulders, stomach, and buttocks.

Stretch marks are Quite Common in Situations like:

  • Pregnancy- During pregnancy, the skin around the stomach and buttocks stretches a lot to make room for the growing baby. This continuous stretching of the skin can cause stretch marks. The hormones produced during pregnancy also make the skin fibres weak causing the skin to stretch more.
  • Rapid growth– The teenagers who are growing rapidly tend to lose or gain weight rapidly without giving enough time for the skin to accommodate the growth. In such cases, the stretch marks are mostly seen around the waist, behind the knees and arms.
  • Certain medical conditions like Marfan’s syndrome and Cushing’s syndrome and other disorders of the adrenal gland can cause stretch marks by increasing the production of cortisone.
  • Breast implant surgeries can also cause stretch marks around the chest.
  • Intake of large amounts of steroids, pills, etc can also give rise to stretch marks.
  • Obese people and even bodybuilders can get stretch marks.

These stretch marks are more common in women as compared to men. Stretch marks do not go away completely but fade away with time.

Many studies reveal that the regular use of curcumin can help in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, all thanks to the anti-inflammatory property. Bagdara Farms has the best quality of curcumin that is grown without using any chemical products.

Selfieme- 10X from Bagdara Farms will help in clearing those stretch marks in a natural way and give you clearer skin.

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