Prevention of Psoriasis with dermaturm

A very common issue experienced by people of all age groups with regard to their skin is the feeling of persistent itching and forming of scaly patches, generally red in colour, all over the body. In few cases, the patches also occur on the scalp but in severe cases, which is the case in most people, the patches are spread over large areas of the body.

The skin can be dried and easy to crack or bleed and occasional flare-ups followed by periods are often experienced with no symptoms at all.  Psoriasis can be further aggravated due to injuries, stress, infection, cold weather as well as medications.

The use of turmeric, especially in Asia, dates back to at least 2,500 years. It would be pertinent to mention that its use is not just restricted to the cooking pot but largely for a multitude of purposes. In fact, this magical spice has been very highly rated for traditional practices, especially for skin conditions. It was here that it was found to be a probable alternative topical treatment for psoriasis due to the effect it has on the inflammatory enzymes that accrue.

Body Detoxification in Psoriasis Healing 

Toxins in our bodies, which accumulate over a period of time, are a major reason for the occurrence of psoriasis. For excreting, the liver plays a very significant role in the human body. Any impediment in the functioning of the liver invariably results in the accumulation of unwanted toxins in the bodies which trigger psoriasis. Studies over time have revealed that most of the people who suffer from psoriasis have issues with their liver.

It is here that the use of turmeric is amazing since it has proved to cleanse the liver naturally. To further enhance the effects, virgin coconut oil, neem, flaxseeds and supplements like omega 3, vitamin D and vitamin B12 are immensely beneficial.

There are Two Different Ways of Using Turmeric for Psoriasis

  • For people suffering from psoriasis, the recommended intake of turmeric on a daily basis is two to three grams. Consumption of excess turmeric powder can surely lead to temporary side effects such as nausea, stomach cramp, vomiting as well as diarrhoea. Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder with a bit of lemon juice and add a dash of black pepper. Have this daily for effective results.
  • A paste can be concocted by mixing one or two teaspoons of turmeric powder with water until a thick consistency is obtained. This can then be applied liberally on the affected  Then cover the area with a fabric, preferably cotton, which shall permit the skin to breathe. Let it remain for a few hours or even overnight. Take out the fabric in the morning and wash the area with warm water. A visible improvement shall be experienced.

In the end, needless to mention, the path of holistic healing needs to be adopted wholeheartedly. This is so since apart from the skin, the metabolic balance also would improve with these dietary modifications and of course, lifestyle.

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  1. Owing to the high levels of pollution accompanied by stress, my skin was suffering like anything. I could see a lot of breakouts which took a long time to go and would often leave behind ugly scars. I needed an urgent solution to it as I was sick and tired of hiding the scars behind tons of makeup. My sister bought Dermaturm for me seeing my condition and it worked like magic. My skin is slowly becoming better!

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