new year fixes

the daily grind of routines that have to be adhered to, it becomes that much more difficult to bounce back with renewed vigor.

Few innovative resolutions which can surely help are brought out as under –

  1. Never start off by indulging in the often mentioned commitment that “I will lose weight”. Instead, make up your mind by saying “From now on, I will introduce new healthy things in my diet”.  For example, instead of having namkeen and biscuits with tea, consume seeds and nuts. Steamed foods like momos, dokhlas, and idlis are anytime a better alternative to fried things. Try to ‘kick-out’ the routine of having morning tea since this is more out of habit than necessity or even satisfying the palate. Have water or even jeera water instead.  Whole grains like rye, oats, and barley should be preferred to refined sugar and flour.
  2. Transcend from trying to commit ourselves to exercise routinely and instead, we should take a silent pledge to incorporate measures to look after our bodies meaningfully. This does not require any knee-jerk reactions or a major shift in activity. Just adhering to simple actions which can be imbibed and turned into habits, shall work wonders. Having a healthy and regular sleeping pattern to enable the body to rest and recoup, walking instead of taking the car whenever and wherever feasible shall keep us feeling rejuvenated as well as active. Getting the body massaged with oils once a fortnight every fortnight, helps to relax the muscles, improves blood circulation apart from being so good for the skin.
  3. We should deliberately indulge in detoxing our systems at least once a month by having only vegetables and fruits, detox tea, vegetable juices, and last but definitely not least, plenty of water. Decluttering our minds is also attributed to be a way to detoxify our systems. Getting rid of stuff no longer in use and never so in the foreseeable future, helps in decluttering as well as creating space for other or better things.
  4. It is well established that it takes twenty-one days to form a new habit. However, the initial days are the most critical as the body and mind resist any change which makes it difficult to adapt to something entirely new. It is always advised to be persistent and consistent in sticking to new plans which we make for ourselves. After a few months, it would be an inherent part of our persona.
  5. We should constantly endeavor to improve our physical prowess. Supplements of vitamin D, as well as B12, should b toe had incased in any deficiency. Body immunity and strength can be enhanced by consuming seasonal vegetables and fruits since they are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Having a regular dose of ‘Chawanprash’ has also yielded positive results in many a case.
  6. By setting and crossing milestones in our quest of reaching the objective of being able to adhere to a regimen, is itself an achievement to thump ourselves on our backs. Minor things, however small or trivial they might appear to be, play a significant role in keeping us healthy. Even if we are able to stick to three resolutions out of five, it’s undoubtedly a step in the forward direction.

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