The love for the monsoons is inevitable, and so is the aversion to the number of infections and ailments that accompany it. As much lovely is the weather, sadly it’s twice as much hazardous for health. The beautiful season of monsoon brings with it allergies and health woes. Stomach infection bothers you the most during the rains, and you feel dehydrated even after drinking gallons of water. Cold, cough and flu are viral infections that attack the respiratory system, they typically take up to 5 days to heal but can take longer and cause complications if left untreated. The weather change can trigger a series of health hazards; it calls for treatment or an alternative which is natural, pure and causes no side effects whatsoever.

Turmeric, the magic spice and the custodian of our health have been the most celebrated spice when we talk of natural therapeutic care. This power packed golden goodness, has medicinal properties to curb infections of all kinds and improve the quality of our health and life. This fiery spice is known to douse the most extreme bout of cold, flu and ailments that irk you this monsoon. Turmeric packed with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties rightfully occupies the most prized place in our kitchen racks and has paved its way to becoming the most wanted medicinal herb.

Craving for your Hot Cuppa?

You are likely to see turmeric tea popping up everywhere, and health freaks and chai lovers around the globe are yearnings for their glass of golden goodness. The specially curated Tea- Meric from Bagdara farms, packed with the honesty and right amount of active curcumin, is your answer to the pestering cold and flu this season. A cup of teameric gives that extra boost of energy and stamina. Tea-Meric is loaded with the goodness of potassium and manganese; it increases the protein level in the body and combats viruses and bacteria that cause damage to our system. Tea-Meric is a potent anti-viral agent and is useful in keeping the viral infections at bay. Tea-Meric, brimming with the goodness of surplus anti-inflammatory properties, is efficacious at healing conditions of acute inflammation most organically and naturally.

So, this monsoon enjoys the showers, surrender to the natural healing powers of Tea-Meric and revel in the glory of a healthy self.

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