Goodbye to stomach issues with Tummyric

‘We live to eat’, the age-old maxim still holds true but now the stress is on eating healthy and living happily. Unhealthy eating habits and a stressful lifestyle leads to various digestive problems like bloating, frequent bouts of diarrhea, gastric problems, constipation, acidity etc. These are all early warnings sent out by the stomach that you need to change the way you eat as unchecked inflammation is taking its toll on your digestive system.

Though each one of these digestive problems is very common it does have the power to play havoc with your daily life.

Why do we need a healthy Stomach?

It is a proven fact that all systems of our body are interlinked. So, if any one of the systems is in poor health all systems gradually feel and show adverse effects of that.

If the stomach is healthy, everything and all systems seem to function well in tandem.

What must you do to ensure good stomach health?

  • For all of the digestive disorders be it IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome), bloating, acid reflux are irritants that cannot be cured by using conventional medicine; the good news for all suffering from regular bouts of stomach problems comes in the form of Tummyric by Bagdara Farms.
  • A boon for all dealing with regular stomach irritations, Tummyric contains high percentage of Curcumin, which is effective in reducing inflammation and strengthens the stomach wall which in turn prevents harmful bacteria from reaching and affecting the other organs.

How does Curcumin in Tummyric support good stomach health?

Curcumin is nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory product. So when you begin taking Tummyric, the Curcumin present in it instantly begins to work wonders for your stomach health.

Few Scientific Evidences

  • Studies have shown that researchers gave 117 people diagnosed with metabolic syndrome either one gram of curcumin powder or a placebo pill daily for eight weeks. At the end of the study, the curcumin group had lower levels of inflammation. This is just one of many studies that reached these findings.
  • In another multi-centre trial individuals suffering from ulcerative colitis were given curcumin or a drug treatment with a placebo pill. Only 4% of the patients who received curcumin relapsed while 20% of those who received the placebo pill suffered relapses. Click on the link to learn more

Why should you take Tummyric?

Well at the risk of sounding boastful and repetitive, Tummyric does contain the wonder ingredient Curcumin. It is 100% vegetarian. It is anti-bacterial, strengthens the stomach lining, checks inflammation and prevents relapses of digestive disorders. It is organically grown following strict checks and the highest standards are maintained in its production.

Try these too

While you continue to reap the manifold benefits of Tummyric, you can try these recipes to enhance your stomach health.

  • Turmeric Tea
  • Turmeric Quinoa
  • Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower
  • Turmeric Roasted Carrots
  • You must ensure that you eat lots of salads, fruits and drinks plenty of water.

Tummyric also promises to boost your immunity system, keep digestive cramps in check, allow you to relish your favorite food without the fear of acid reflux. So, without further ado call out for your share of Tummyric and enjoy a healthy and happy life as your tummy health will be taken care of by Tummyric.

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