Rheumatoid Arthritis Cure with Calmya

The body’s immune system is a piece of complex machinery that is responsible for protecting the body from infections by fighting off infections. Sometimes though when this mechanism becomes faulty, it begins attacking the body’s own healthy cells instead of the pathogenic cells that it is supposed to target. Such errant action causes diseases that are clubbed under the broad term – Autoimmune diseases.

When an erratically functioning immune system negatively impacts the protective lining that encases our joints, then it leads to the condition known as Rheumatoid Arthritis or RA. Swollen and tender joints that are stiffer early in the morning as compared to other times of the day are a characteristic hallmark of RA. Such inflammation hampers a patient’s quality of life by introducing a roadblock in the ability to complete the simplest of chores inside and outside the house.

Over the years, many medical researchers have tried to find a cure for RA but to no avail. Today, the best way to deal with this debilitating condition is to pop painkillers so that your senses are numb to the pain. However, standard over-the-counter painkillers have time and again been associated with numerous side effects including gastric trouble like peptic ulcers. For this very reason, RA patients and their doctors have time and again advocated the use of natural methods to ease life with RA.

Some of the Natural Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis Cure

  1. Flexibility exercises that are not too rigorous as Tai Chi or Yoga can help keep the joints well-oiled.
  2. Wearing protective equipment like knee braces can be helpful in reducing the rate at which the joints wear off.
  3. Try including some anti-inflammatory foods in your diet like curcumin, cinnamon, ginger, and cayenne to get relief from the pain.
  4. Including a curcumin supplement in your daily intake can prove to be very beneficial in getting rid of joint pain.

Curcumin, a polyphenolic pigment found in turmeric, is said to be the mother of all-natural pain-relieving substances. Apart from being loaded with several therapeutic properties, curcumin has no significant side effects and can, therefore, be consumed by people of all kinds. Before beginning a curcumin supplement, it is essential, though, to ascertain the quality of the curcumin used in the supplement as many a time the curcumin that goes in your supplement contains harmful chemical additives and adulterants that end up doing more harm than good.

Calmya is one product that can give you a 100 percent guarantee of the quality of the curcumin that it holds within. Such surety arises from the fact that the curcumin that goes into the making of Calmya is in fact, grown locally at the facility that is also produced Calmya. Bagdara Farms, a unique agricultural initiative dedicated to the cultivation of high-quality curcumin and supplements made from it, stretches across the peaceful and fertile Bandhavgarh forests in  Madhya Pradesh. Here, using organic farming techniques, farmers grow pure curcumin that is then used to make a variety of supplements to combat many diseases. Calmya is one such supplement that can be of immense help to people who suffer from joint problems thanks to RA.

Here are some benefits of Curcumin when it comes to relieving joint problems:

  1. Inflammation is one of the most difficult to tolerate symptoms of RA. The anti-inflammatory properties of Calmya help in alleviating this pain by reducing the activity of pro-inflammatory enzymes in the body. Furthermore, Calmya helps in averting tissue degeneration around the joints, which is a common fallout of constant chronic inflammation.
  2. Healthy cell membranes surrounding the joints are adversely affected when the oxidative stress in your body is elevated. Such a situation arises as a result of too many free radicals in the body. Calmya helps in scavenging and neutralising these free radicals to help keep a check on oxidative stress and its harmful effects on your joints.
  3. Calmya and its curcumin-based formula act as a natural analgesic and its strength are comparable to painkillers like diclofenac and ibuprofen but minus the side effects. On the contrary, curcumin has gastroprotective impacts that make it very beneficial for coating the mucosal lining inside the stomach and keeping ulcers at bay.

If you are convinced that the natural benefits of Calmya are way better for your overall health than any chemically laced medication, then do not wait another minute and order your jar of Calmya online today!

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