Menoeze prevents perimenopausal depression

The most wonderful creation of God woman has to go through some unpleasant changes physically and mentally.  A women’s life is greatly influenced by the hormones, which during the menopausal stage go through a drastic change, sometimes causing havoc in our lives. Women are at an increased risk of suffering from the wretched condition of depression and this stage can easily be termed as the mid-life crises.

Although menopause is often believed to contribute to the onset of depression, many studies indicate that depression is likely to occur during the period leading up to menopause. Known as the perimenopausal years, it’s actually during this period that the estrogen levels drastically decline, which is instrumental in the stimulation of depression.

What are the Symptoms of Perimenopausal Depression?

  • Two or more weeks of depression mood
  • Decreased interest or pleasure in activities
  • Change in appetite
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Fatigue and loss of energy
  • Appetite loss
  • Change in sleep patterns
  • Feeling of worthlessness

Depression and onset of menopause share the same symptom and can easily go undiagnosed and untreated in women who think it as a natural part of ageing. This can further maximize the chances of women getting afflicted to:

  • heart conditions
  • Loss of bone mineral density.

While there are many over the counter medicines available, a natural remedy, with turmeric as the core herb can work wonders to our condition. With curcumin as the central ingredient, it can be a natural answer to this painful condition.

How can Menoeze Help to Prevent Perimenopausal Depression?

Menoeze has been crafted specifically at Bagdara Farms, keeping in mind the fragile period of menopause. Menopause makes women vulnerable to many ailments, depression being one of the most notorious ones that strike us.

Here is why Menoeze can prove to be a Great Healer?

  • Menoeze is revolutionary at fighting inflammation, which is confirmed by researchers at the causative factors of depression. Inflammation is known to make depression chronic and persistent, however, Menoeze is armed to fight it out most naturally and organically.
  • Rich in curcumin Menoeze can easily be called a one-stop for fighting, combating and thwarting depression causing inflammation. The high levels of bio-active curcumin, inhibits both COX and LOX enzymes, key players of inflammation. The best and the most reassuring part about this 100% organic product is, that it causes no further side effects, which are otherwise caused by the non-steroidal medication, adding to your agonies.
  • Menoeze is a super excellent anti-oxidant, which combats oxidative stress, which occurs due to constant inflammation. This makes the condition conducive for oxidative stress, in depression during this perimenopausal stage; Menoeze improves the anti-oxidant defences greatly.
  • The rich curcumin in Menoeze thwarts the damage to mitochondria, which is a powerhouse of our cells and causes degeneration of the brain. Menoeze effectively, with its mighty anti-oxidant action is found to shield and protect you from such damage.
  • The mighty curcumin in Menoeze can help scavenge free radical species that cause oxidative stress, so you can vouch on Menoeze as a promising treatment for perimenopausal depression.
  • The anti-depressant effect of Menoeze works instrumentally by increasing BNDF levels, a protein which is a brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which is important in the formation of neurons, learning and memory etc which usually gets affected during the perimenopausal stage.
  • Loaded with the magical curcumin, Menoeze regulates the activity of every neurotransmitter in the brain, in order to re-establish the balance and bring down the depressive symptoms.
  • Menoeze protects the stomach from stress-induced ulcers and digestive difficulties, which takes place in depression. The curcumin in this prodigious product regulates the gut, brain axis and can help improve gastric and digestion related symptoms in depression during menopause.
  • Menoease corners and attenuate anxiety, stress and other cognitive deficits caused by it. It alleviates these symptoms by increasing levels of proteins such as BNDF and CREB.
  • Menoeze is champion at ameliorating sleep deprivation, which often accompanies depression. Insomnia has the detrimental effect on our health, memory and the certain amount of motor function. So dietary intake of Menoeze can improve and enhance sleep pattern and kick out insomnia to give you a good night’s sleep
  • Menoeze not only serves as an extraordinary anti-depressant but also protects your grey matter and its vital functions such as thinking, learning and memory.

So, don’t wait for these symptoms to overpower you and your health and your mind. Enjoy this change naturally with Menoeze, Mother Nature’s best gift for the best creation of God “women”.

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1 thought on “Can Menoeze Ease Out Peri-Menopausal Depression?

  1. I am in my early forties and experiencing peri menopausal symptoms. Earlier I was not aware that there is something called perimenopausal effect or phase. My gynaecologist told me about it and wanted me to stat taking good care of myself to prevent the real side effects of menopause. I started using Menoeze after a friend of mine told me about it. Really good product and my little symptoms are also not so noticeable. I am happy.

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Since health care & medicine is an industry, formulations are controlled through intellectual property rights denying easy access to common people and maintaining the buoyancy for the interest holders. Formula’s can be patented and that covers business interests that drive innovations these days.

So instead of conducting trials on the raw root, almost all companies promote clinically tested formulations of extracts to make it appear better then how the phytochemical was in its original state. Its like extracting an important organ from the body and then putting it on support system, expecting it to perform better in insolation then how it could perform when in it was in its natural form. The truth is, that the best way to consume a plant based medicine is in its raw form. Curcumin is one of the active ingredients in the root Curcuma Longa.

Since its more important to know what your food ate then what you ate, its important to know that the supplements you are using based on curcumin has curcumin from a gene modified variety of curcuma longa which suffers from an imbalance of every other mineral. You see a plant also behaves how a human body behaves when it is injected with steroids to gain muscle mass for body building purpose. The plants have higher levels of curcumin but all other secondary minerals found along curcumin in the plant get compromised as the plant can not feed all nutritions equally when it is designed to feed most of its nutrition towards developing higher levels of curcumin. It has severe side effects on the health of the plant and apparently on the people consuming such plants or extracts coming from these plants. However marketing and promotions have evolved to divert attention very wisely.

An extract of any herb can never be stored in its original state and hence needs base agents, preservatives which hardly leave it how it must be. We believe that access to medicine and healthcare is a basic right of every human and animal living on planet earth. Hence we do not first extract and then add preservatives or agents like pepperine to make the extract bio-available. This is the reason we never patent any of our products. We instead hand process the whole root we cultivate in our farms and share it with the people under different brand names for different health conditions based on the concentration of minerals present at testing. You can also buy the seed from us and cultivate it but it will certainly not be as potent as you get from us.

How potent is the active ingredient in the plant depends on the quality of seed, soil, water and environment. Our products work far better then most of the curcumin based supplements globally being used for Therapeutic benefits.

We do not intend to formulate or patent our products. So instead of choosing a supplement with an extract, choose wisely and go for the best and not the Cheapest.

All our products are cultivated, harvested, hand processed and distributed directly from our own farms to ensure that people who depend on our products for their acute and chronic problems get consistent supply of highest quality, ultra premium, medicinal grade, Non-GMO, Indigenous, Naturally enriched with curcumin, Wild Strand curcuma longa powder for therapeutic benefits. We cultivate this in the middle of a national park which happens to be the best breeding ground for Bengal tigers in India called Bandhavgarh.