Calmya works wonder on sciatica pain

The toilsome and challenging times that we face today demand us to be on a move, a pause for a second and we feel we have lost. Our human body, in the process goes through multiple wear and tear; some can be seen and treated, while other ailments make their existence felt through the excruciating pain. Pain although has become synonym to our being alive, the feeling is restrictive and certainly not a healthy one. Sciatica commonly referred to as lower back pain, is caused by the injury of the sciatic nerve responsible for sensation in most parts of leg.

The queasy tingling sensation, pain, languidness in feet and legs are few common symptoms of the wretched sciatica. Commonly caused by the herniated disc or pelvic injuries, aggravated due to our poor lifestyle like smoking, decreased physical activity, strenuous physical activity, it’s a condition of pure pain and agony. Though muscle relaxants, anti-depressants are available to alleviate the pain, the familiar adverse affects of the medicines are well known. Instead of spending large amount of money on side affect causing drugs, its best to get back to the roots and pick up magical herbs.

The golden herb turmeric has raised a storm as a powerful curative in the health care industry. The powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer and anti-microbial properties have made it the most sought after spice in today’s time. It’s still an integral part of our kitchen cabinet, it’s still lending it’s aromatic and earthy flavour to our dishes but simultaneously it’s topping the charts worldwide as a medicinal herb. Turmeric with all its potent properties has been found to inhibit the pain causing sciatica.

Calmya from Bagdara Farms is your ready weapon to combat the pain causing sciatica and soothe your frayed nerves organically. Endowed with curcumin in abundance, Calmya successfully smothers inflammation, suppresses the release of inflammatory cytokines and provides us much needed relief.

Calmya has a therapeutic affect as an analgesic, to work against the lower back pain without causing any kind of side effect. Sciatica also caused by neuropathic pains, is relieved by anti-depressants, which   are known to have a lot of adverse effect on our health.

Calmya works magically at relieving the neuropathic pain in sciatica patients, its ability to decrease the level of monoamine oxidize enzyme makes it a potent anti-depressant with no significant side effect. Calmya infused milk or meals or warm water can assist and aid in averting this condition that cripples us till it strikes. It’s time to corner this painful situation naturally by making Calmya an integral part of our life and to revel in the glory of healthy self.

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