Turmeric pickle with awesome benefits

At our service as a custodian of our health, packed with the magical powers of curcumin, Turmeric has surely been around for many thousand years. Its journey started as a medicinal herb and was one of the potent herbs of Ayurveda which could single-handedly combat a number ailments. It reached our kitchens to become the most revered spice, spiking up curries and giving them a distinct flavour and colour. The long journey that this great spice took up continues to add a dash of health to our lives, and amongst all the prodigious, gorgeous hues and tantalising flavours in our kitchen shelf, turmeric is sure a winner.

The unpretentious turmeric, known for its golden colour, bold flavour and many therapeutic qualities, boasts of health benefits that most modern day medicines cannot think of. Turmeric is beyond a curry spice; it’s the super spice of life.  So it’s not surprising to find a pinch of turmeric in lattes, our kid’s favourite Mac and Cheese and breakfast muffins, to name a few influenced by this mighty spice.

How much we Indians love our pickles? Well, it’s difficult to express the love for turmeric and pickles in words, so we came up with a unique turmeric pickle. “KACHI HALDI KA ACHAR”, A loved pickle in India especially during the winter months, when the fresh turmeric is easily available in the market. An easy peasy recipe made with the readily available ingredients and can be stored easily for a month in the refrigerator.


  • Raw turmeric: 175 gms
  • Ginger: 75 gms
  • Green Chillies :   3
  • Fennel Seeds: 1 Tbsp
  • Mustard Seeds: ½ Tbsp(Crushed)
  • Salt: To taste
  • Cooking Oil: ½Tbsp
  • Fresh Lemon Juice: ½ Cup


  • Wash and wipe the ginger and turmeric.
  • Peel ginger and turmeric and slice into medium size pieces.
  • Add salt, mustard, fennel and oil in ginger, turmeric and green chillies
  • Put it in a container.
  • Add lemon juice the next day and let the container sit in the sun for a day.
  • The pickle will be ready to eat in 2 days and ready to refrigerate in 3 days.

The delicious, scrumptious and healthy homemade pickle is ready.

1 thought on “Pickle It Up!

  1. How I love having this raw haldi pickle that my grandmom used to prepare! Back then the quality of the kachchi hladi could be trusted but nowadays my mom gets very sceptical about it. Because if this, she hardly makes this yummy achaar. When I got to know about the fresh turmeric from Bagdara Farms, I bought it and gave it to my mom. I got to have the most yummy pickles after ages altogether. Quality anf taste guaranteed together!

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