Parkinson's Disease cure with nuramin

Parkinson’s disease or Parkinsonism is a diseased state of the brain, specifically the central nervous system. It is a condition when the dopamine levels drop affecting the movements of an individual.

Now if the central nervous system gets affected, the related functions get affected too.

The part of the brain is responsible for the smooth movements of the body. Hence a parkinsonian brain is unable to do the movement related functions like the normal brain does.

Some of which Could Include:

  • stuffiness
  • tremors
  • shaking
  • rigidity
  • slowness on movements
  • difficulty in walking

etc. in a Parkinson’s diseased person.

Effects Of Parkinson’s Disease On Brain

Dopamine is a chemical which is supposed to carry signals in your brain specifically for the body movement. For instance, if you wish to scratch somewhere, Dopamine carries the signals and sends the message to the nerve cell responsible for the function. Hence the action is completed. Now, in case of Parkinson’s disease, cells of substantia nigra (area in the midbrain) start to die.

The substantia nigra is responsible for the dopamine production. Hence, when these cells start dying, the dopamine levels get decreased significantly. These cells are irreplaceable and irreparable. This is why the brain doesn’t send the body movement related messages, as often as a normal brain. Ultimately slowing down the body movement.

Effects Of Parkinson’s On Body

Since the dopamine chemical is related to the boat movements, thus the disease affects complete body’s movements.

  • Muscles – The body muscles become rigid and inflexible. This is also an early symptom of the disease. Since it’s a common symptom, the Parkinson’s, therefore, can also be mistaken as Arthritis. So make sure you’ve got done all the medical checkups done well.
  • Movements- The movements of an individual become extremely slow. Grabbing a pen from the desk or even tying a shoelace becomes a task!
  • Tremors- The tremors begin with hands, fingers, and arms. The legs, lips, jaw or even tongue become shaky. This may cause trouble in speech as well.
  • Body balancing- Walking may seem like a simple act to you. But ask a Parkinson’s patient. It becomes extremely difficult for them to walk and balance their body.
  • Brain- Yes. You read that right. The disease originates and also affects the brain. An individual’s thinking abilities greatly get affected.

Primary Symptoms Of Parkinson’s

The study says the significant symptoms are observed only after 80% of the substantia nigra cells are damaged!! That’s quite much! Which means a person has Parkinson’s long before he’s aware or starts showing symptoms of the same. The disease shows some prominent symptoms like

  • Tremors
  • Slow body movements
  • Speech difficulty
  • Shaky hands, legs, jaw and even face
  • Rigid body etc

Hence if someone experiences any of the symptoms above then he/she should be taken to the doctor immediately for the checkups following.

Causes Of Parkinson’s Disease

The scientists are still struggling to find the exact reason for the disease. There are mixed of genetic as well as environmental factors causing the disease. There isn’t a clear line between them. But the exact reasons are still not known. There are certain chemical environments that may cause Parkinson’s. But not all who come in contact with these get affected. Which indicates there is a twist of the DNAs and genetic linkage attached to it. While the doctors and the scientists still try to figure out the exact causes, we can only rely on the medications that suppress the symptoms.

Parkinson’s Isn’t Curable But Nuramin Offers a Good News..

There are diseases as big as cancer which can be cured. But, unfortunately, Parkinson’s is NOT! There are medications which suppress the symptoms of the disease but NOT THE DISEASE itself. But even that’s a relief for someone who struggles even in their regular tasks. Nuramin by Bagdara Farms is one such medication.

How does Nuramin help in Parkinson’s?

Nuramin is a natural and 100 percent organic product which is specifically developed for brain health. It is a Curcumin (turmeric) based product with all the goodness of turmeric you know and beyond. Curcumin contains natural neuroprotective properties. This helps in improved brain health. Curcumin is known to improve the cognitive function of the brain. This ultimately benefits a Parkinson’s patient. The natural antioxidant properties of the brain prevent brain cell damage. It enhances neuroplasticity and neurogenesis.

Parkinson’s disease may not be curable. But we can make the struggle a little (if not much) easier for the patient by suppressing the symptoms. Their daily struggle remains “Can I or can’t I do this today?” They need medications, they need doctors but what they need the most is your patience to deal them well! Make sure to give them all!

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