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Motherhood is the happiest and the longest phase in a woman’s life but it is not guaranteed that comes minus any pain and trouble. Apart from the nine months of pregnancy, delivering a child can also be quite a harrowing experience for many. Both normal delivery and cesarian section come with their own share of problems.

Let’s discuss some issues associated with C-section or Caesarean section.

A C-section can be defined as a surgical procedure used to deliver a baby by making incisions in the abdomen and then the uterus. In most cases, C-section is planned well ahead of the delivery time if the pregnancy has some kind of complication. At times, the need for C-section arises in case normal labour develops some difficulty.

Three types of anaesthesia are given to the pregnant lady before C-section:

  • Epidural- anaesthesia is injected into the lower back outside the sac of the spinal cord.
  • General anaesthesia- this type puts the patient to a painless sleep and is done only in case of emergencies
  • Spinal block- anaesthesia is injected directly into the sac surrounding the spinal cord which creates a numbing effect on the lower part of the body.

Some of the Reasons Why C-section Needs to be Done are:-

  • The Head of the baby is too big for vaginal delivery
  • Complications in early pregnancy
  • Previous history of caesarean section
  • Breech birth ( when the baby is coming out from the feet first)
  • Stalled labour
  • Issues with the umbilical cord or placenta ( placenta previa or placental abruption)
  • Reduced or cut off the oxygen supply to the baby
  • Active genital herpes in the mother with the threat of being transferred to the baby
  • Heart disease or high blood pressure in the mother
  • Transverse labour ( When the baby is coming out shoulder first)

Complications in C-Section

Even though C-section is becoming a common method of childbirth, it is still associated with a few complications and risks for both the mother and child:

  • High chances of infection
  • Bleeding and blood clots
  • Injury to the child during the surgical procedure
  • Any kind of surgical injury to some other organs
  • Troubles in breathing for the child especially if the procedure is done before completing 39 weeks of pregnancy
  • Adhesions and other such complications of abdominal surgery
  • Longer healing time in comparison to normal delivery
  • The high-risk factor for future pregnancies

Curcumin being the multitalented antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent will help in the faster healing of the C-section. Take pure curcumin-based turmeric products from Bagdara Farms and heal your body in the most natural way after C-section.

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