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The practice of synthetic drugs has amplified over the years, but natural plant-based drugs also seem to be making a comeback in terms of sustainability and healing without side effects. Since time immemorial we have been dependent on plants for curing innumerable conditions, amongst them is the extensively used curcumin, the chief polyphenol found in medicinal turmeric.

Curcumin found in medicinal turmeric has been studied comprehensively for its pleiotropic activity, comprising

anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-tumour properties. Collected corroborations indicated that curcumin in medicinal turmeric plays an impeding role against infection from numerous viruses.

According to https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1756464617307399,

These contrivances encompass either a direct intervention of viral duplication machinery or clampdown of cellular signaling pathways essential for viral replication, such as PI3K/Akt, NF-κB.

The article published in https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/07/200717120154.htm

Says Curcumin found in medicinal turmeric has shown signs to constrain the imitation of some types of virus, including:

1. Dengue virus,

2. Hepatitis B,

3. Zika virus.

Medicinal turmeric has endless pharmacological properties like

1. Antitumor

2. Anti-inflammatory

3. Antibacterial activities

According to Dr. Xie

Curcumin found in medicinal was chosen for showing very mild side effects as compared to the other medications.

Prevention Of HIV

It has also been researched that curcumin is an effective HIV integrase suppressor; because of its ability to muddle acidic deposits in the integrases catalytic core area, averting it from mix-up its substrates according to https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6509173/  HIV is a lentivirus and it fits the family of Retroviridae.  Previously and on-going studies have revealed that curcumin found in medicinal turmeric unveils an anti-HIV action by openly affecting viral proteins.

Scaring The Very Scary Hepatitis Virus

According to the world health organization, a chronic liver disease caused by viral hepatitis has killed more people than the notorious HIV. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6509173/ says that the antiviral activity of curcumin found in medicinal turmeric against hepatitis viruses has been probed by several groups.

There is a talk that curcumin acts on HBV, were given by studies signifying that aqueous extracts of Curcuma longa suppressed the production of HBV.

Relieves The Respiratory System

According to a study published in

NCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information


Curcumin in medicinal turmeric Impedes Respiratory Syncytial Virus. This virus also called RSV, causes respiratory tract infections and is one of the culprits for causing sickness and death in children less than 5 years of age.

It was further revealed that curcumin prevented the duplication of RSV and its growth against RSV infections revealed that it prevents its growth from human nasal epithelial cells and at the same time increased the epithelial barrier functions.

The Crux Of The Matter

The list of its goodness is endless & the medicinal turmeric abundant in curcumin has many scientifically-proven health benefits, such as the potential to avoid heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.

It’s a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and may also help improve symptoms of depression and arthritis. After reading the article you will acquaint yourself with its anti-viral properties too. If you want to buy a turmeric/curcumin supplement, there is an excellent selection on www.bagdarafarms.com, with thousands of great customer reviews. Turmeric is abundant in curcumin which makes it therapeutic to end all your health woes, without causing side effects.

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Clinical Trial & Our Product

Since health care & medicine is an industry, formulations are controlled through intellectual property rights denying easy access to common people and maintaining the buoyancy for the interest holders. Formula’s can be patented and that covers business interests that drive innovations these days.

So instead of conducting trials on the raw root, almost all companies promote clinically tested formulations of extracts to make it appear better then how the phytochemical was in its original state. Its like extracting an important organ from the body and then putting it on support system, expecting it to perform better in insolation then how it could perform when in it was in its natural form. The truth is, that the best way to consume a plant based medicine is in its raw form. Curcumin is one of the active ingredients in the root Curcuma Longa.

Since its more important to know what your food ate then what you ate, its important to know that the supplements you are using based on curcumin has curcumin from a gene modified variety of curcuma longa which suffers from an imbalance of every other mineral. You see a plant also behaves how a human body behaves when it is injected with steroids to gain muscle mass for body building purpose. The plants have higher levels of curcumin but all other secondary minerals found along curcumin in the plant get compromised as the plant can not feed all nutritions equally when it is designed to feed most of its nutrition towards developing higher levels of curcumin. It has severe side effects on the health of the plant and apparently on the people consuming such plants or extracts coming from these plants. However marketing and promotions have evolved to divert attention very wisely.

An extract of any herb can never be stored in its original state and hence needs base agents, preservatives which hardly leave it how it must be. We believe that access to medicine and healthcare is a basic right of every human and animal living on planet earth. Hence we do not first extract and then add preservatives or agents like pepperine to make the extract bio-available. This is the reason we never patent any of our products. We instead hand process the whole root we cultivate in our farms and share it with the people under different brand names for different health conditions based on the concentration of minerals present at testing. You can also buy the seed from us and cultivate it but it will certainly not be as potent as you get from us.

How potent is the active ingredient in the plant depends on the quality of seed, soil, water and environment. Our products work far better then most of the curcumin based supplements globally being used for Therapeutic benefits.

We do not intend to formulate or patent our products. So instead of choosing a supplement with an extract, choose wisely and go for the best and not the Cheapest.

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