skin infections in dogs -Barkumin is the solution

We love our fur babies to death, but when they drag their rear on our plush carpets the love goes out the window (momentarily). The sound of scratching set out teeth on edge as the habit is not only irritating but also unhealthy.

The dragging and itching is a sign that all is not well with our pet’s health. This could be a hint of an allergy or parasite infection or even an underlying illness.

So next time your pooch does the bottom drag routine on your carpet inspect carefully and consult your vet.

Why Is Your Dog Itchy?

Allergic dermatitis:

Your fur baby might have an allergic reaction some grooming products, food item or even irritant in the environment like a pollen.

This will make your scratch continuously, and if you look at the skin you will find an ugly red rash.

You need to identify the allergen and only then you will be able to help your dog.

Yeast Infection:

If your dog continuously bites or chews his/her toes or scratches the ears, then chances are that your dog has a yeast infection.

Inspect the skin if it is patchy, irritated, itchy and discolored then your dog does have a yeast infection.

Ears and paws are the two favorite areas for yeast infection as they are warm hence ideal for yeast growth.


A bacterial infection where the skin develops sores, scabs and bumps.

It is easier to identify if you have a dog with lesser hair, in case you have a dog with long hair then watch out for the coat becoming dull and also hair fall is an indicator, and then the scaly skin becomes visible.

This usually happens when your dog also has other skin problems like eczema, allergies or an injury.


This bacterial infection is more common in puppies, and the skin might develop pus-filled blisters. These blisters can break or even crust over; this usually happens on hairless regions like the abdomen and not a severe condition ( in most cases)


This condition makes the skin develop dandruff, this condition is genetic in most cases and lasts for life. Seborrhea usually is connected to a medical problem that triggers it off( allergy, hormonal imbalances) it is essential to check the medical condition to check seborrhea.


As it happens in the shape of a ring it is called ringworm it is a fungal infection and can happen anywhere. More common on head, paws,ears and forelegs.

The area around the lesion is inflamed, has scaly patches and also hair loss happens around the area.

This infection spreads quickly, and even the humans can get it from the fur baby.


We know that our doggies shed but when this shedding takes an alarming rate then you need to be wary. So if unnatural hair fall continues for more than a week or if you notice clumps of hair missing visit your vet.


This is brought on by tiny mites (parasites) Sarcotopic mange or canine scabies spreads rapidly from pet to humans. Ears, face and legs are the most common site and one may find sore, red itchy skin and hair loss on the affected area.

Demodectic mange causes bold patches, sores and scabbing and the only good news is that it is not infectious.


Every pet owner’s worst nightmare, the insect is too tiny to be seen but the eggs and droppings are seen.

Hot spots, scabs and your dog licking or scratching too much are all signs of fleas.

Fleas can cause anemia and also expose your baby to other parasites.


External parasites just like fleas but these are easily seen, pull them out gently if you pull too hard apart may get left behind.

They cause anemia and can also lead to Lyme’s disease and other bacterial infections.

These are just a few of the many skin problems that might trouble your fur baby. Hence the fair thing to do is to get your fur baby permanent protection from such issues, and that weapon is Barkumin.

How Barkumin Helps When Dog Is Itchy?

Being 100% organic, free of pesticides and insecticides, this is the most natural way to fight the demons of skin infections.

Barkumin has a high curcumin content which makes it a potent antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial to fight parasites and fungi and also give the following benefits:

  • Healthy immune system
  • Reduce effects of stress
  • Improve digestion
  • Stop the growth of free radicles
  • Prevent the growth of bacteria, virus, and parasites,
  • Naturally, detoxify and cleanse the system.

As it is rich in Curcumin, it has a powerful anti-parasite action and thus kills parasites and checks their growth.

  • Barkumin also nullifies the harmful effect that deworming medication might have on your pooch’s liver.
  • Curcumin is also efficacious in infections which are caused by fungus or internal parasites.
  • The antibacterial action of Barkumin (due to Curcumin) helps treat lesions which happen because of ringworms.
  •  Curcumin in Barkumin has powerful antiseptic properties which fight all infections and also checks sepsis.
  • As Curcumin is an antibiotic, it also kills bacteria that might cause bacterial infections.
  • Barkumin ensures that the infections do not spread to other parts owing to the antioxidant and antiseptic property of Curcumin.
  • Being a strong anti-parasite Curcumin keeps all free radicals in check and keeps your pet’s skin healthy.

Seeing the plethora of advantages, it is the right thing to do get your pooch the Barkumin goodness.

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