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With the summer sun all set to breathe fire, we need to get ready to protect our skin from the harsh sun and the damage the UV rays can cause.

Summers are when vacations begin, and everyone packs their bags for exotic locations and these trips also bring problems related to exposure to the sun rays, heat and dust. Vacations also bring with them lumps and bumps which can be very painful and can ooze at times.

Not just that, the exposure to the sun also speeds up the appearance of wrinkles and the signs of aging.

No matter how many precautions one takes still these problems do crop up.

How to Protect your Skin in Summers:

  1. Prickly heat or Heat rash or Miliaria Rubra

The excess heat blocks the sweat glands, making it difficult for the sweat to get out. The sweat begins building up under the skin causing rashes and tiny itchy bumps. When these bumps burst, and sweat oozes out, one feels the prickly sensation.

To avoid prickly heat:

  • Wear light and loose fitting clothes
  • Outdoor movement during the coldest part of the day
  • Keep your skin cool
  • Keep skin dry especially the folds,
  • Avoid heavy creams
  • Avoid harsh soaps
  1. Folliculitis

 Our hair grows out of an opening called the follicle. An infection in the follicles can lead to folliculitis. It can occur on any part of the body where there is hair. The infected follicles look like a pimple and can be itchy and tender.

These steps will help avoid the risk of folliculitis:

  • Change clothes after any activity where you sweat it out
  • High levels of chlorine in pool water can lead to infection
  • Wear light and loose fitting clothes
  • If you wax or shave ensure that the salon is clean and use your towels.
  • Increase water intake.
  1. Acne breakouts

When your sweat mixes with bacteria and oils on your skin, it clogs your pores, and if you have acne-prone skin, you can have breakouts.

Protect your skin from acne this summer, by following these:

  • Don’t wipe off sweat, just pat it dry
  • Avoid rough towels or rubbing your skin
  • Wash sweaty clothes, headbands, towels and caps after use
  • Avoid oil-based moisturizers and make-up
  • Use the glycolic based face wash

Follow these home remedies to take care of skin during summers

  1. Back Acne

 It plagues many of us during summers can be exacerbated due to work out or sweating out during exercise. Panthenol in your hair conditioner can also lead to this.

To avoid Back Acne:

  • Clip your hair after shampooing and wash your back
  • Add ocean salt to your bath water and dip a cloth in it. Apply on affected areas and wash off after 15-20 minutes
  1. Oily itchy skin

Summer heat and UV ray bring a problem of a different kind for people with oily skin, making it shinier than usual. To dry the skin, we make the cardinal sin of using harsh cleansers and alcohol-based toners; we forget that this is a temporary thing as these products dehydrate the skin causing it to pump out more oils and thus making it oilier.

Avoid oily skin by:

  •  Avoiding harsh toners and cleansers
  • Avoid petroleum oil as it clogs the pores.
  1. Uneven skin tone:

Hyperpigmentation and the biggest culprit is the UV rays, sun exposure, and heat. Summer means more flare-ups for those who are prone to this.

  • Exfoliate regularly
  • Use natural skin lightener with Vitamin C

Keep a note of These Essential tips to take care of your skin during summers

  1. Dry irritated skin

In spite of the hot, humid outdoor air, your skin might become dry and irritated. This happens due to sun exposure, water parks, pool and air conditioners.

Stay away from this by:

  • Shampooing and showering as soon as you get out of the pool
  • Use broad-spectrum water-resistant sunscreen
  • Use mild cleanser
  • Slather fragrance-free moisturizer immediately after a bath.
  1. Sun allergy

Your skin can break out into hives or itchy rash when you are in the sun. If you have an allergic reaction to sun, your skin will have red, scaly and extremely itchy bumps on the exposed skin.

  1. Sunburns

UVA and UVB rays of the sun can damage your skin and leave it inflamed dry and even blistered.

  1. Heat boils

Heat boils known as furuncles are also a result of the summer heat (do not blame them on mangoes).

  1. Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are quite common during the summer months as fungus flourishes and spread in the sweltering heat.

Keep yourself safe by:

  • Getting out of sweaty clothes
  • Wear clothes that breathe and read ‘cotton.’

Don’t all of these threats take away your summer fun??? Enjoy your vacations, play and party and leave everything in the capable hands of Bagdara Farms and their common skin care products.

Bagdara Farms Skin Care Products to take care of skin in summers

 Bagdara has incorporated the goodness of Curcumin and taken it to a whole new level, and each one of these products will guard your skin like a guardian angel.

Take your pick from Selfieme-10X and Dermaturm depending upon the condition.

If you are looking for an instant fix for a party night and a glowing skin, then Selfieme-10X will be your best friend.

 And yes to ensure that your skin stays supple, young and glowing Dermaturm it has to be.

 Make sure that your cabinet has a special place for these curcumin products and with them, your skin is safe and healthy this summer.

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