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We live in times where everyone is fascinated by the social media and wants to put their entire life up there for all to see. To do that we all want to look great (read fit) and if it is trending, we have to jump on the bandwagon and be a part of it. The same goes for gymming when this fad( as the tech-savvy social media generation like to refer to exercising)caught on everyone wanted to join a gym to get the look, but sadly few of us equipped ourselves with the right know-how and the result various injuries while working out.

Injuries while working out are quite common and can happen to anyone irrespective of their experience and know-how.

Common Injuries In Gym

Some of the most common injuries that can happen while you are at the gym are:

  • Sprained ankle
  • Muscle pull and muscle strain
  • Shoulder injury
  • Knee injury
  • Tendinitis
  • Wrist dislocation or sprain
  • Shin splint
  • Low back strain
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Pectoral injury
  • Glenoid Labrum Tear

A sprained ankle doesn’t only happen when you are running or jogging or just plain simple walking, it can also occur when you are on the treadmill. It can happen due to misstep

A shin splint may happen when you do the jumps and are not wearing the right kind of shoes.

Gym lovers love doing squats and deadlifts, and if these are done without the correct guidance then you can do telling harm to lower back

Rotator cuff injury is most common due to overuse.

Tendinitis is an injury caused by overuse of a muscle due to repetitive motions

Pectoral injury happens when you suddenly lose control of equipment during a bench press or dumbbell.

Glenoid Labrum tear while doing bench presses or overhead shoulder presses if you hear a clicking sound means you could have a glenoid labrum tear.

Ways in which you can avoid/prevent these injuries

  • It is advisable to prepare your muscles for the exercise by warming them up.
  • Once you are done, give them the time to cool down properly
  • Stretch your muscles before and after your workout
  • You do not have to jump into your exercise routine ease into the routine gradually
  • Change your routine do not strain the same muscles again and again
  • You must know your Achilles heel so if you have arthritis you need to build your strength do not indulge in an exercise that might cause injury.
  • Stay replenished. Drink water before, during and after the exercise

What if you do get injured despite the precautions?

The best way to treat these injuries is to rest them, ice them keep it compressed and elevated.

This will hasten the healing process, and you also need something that heals from the inside and does it in a manner which is lasting and that one thing which is a must for all gym enthusiasts is Sportyheal from Bagdara farms.

Why you must have Sportyheal-5X if hitting the gym?

Like all Bagdara product, Sportyheal-5X has a very high Curcumin content, and we are all aware of curcumin’s efficacy in inhibiting inflammation.

Curcumin has a powerful muscle relaxant action especially if your muscle is sprained or strained one needs this mercurial property. By relaxing the muscles, Curcumin provides relief from pain.

By lowering the levels of creatine kinase which is the marker of muscle damage, Curcumin relaxes the muscles and brings down muscle soreness and increase your muscle power

Pain follows most injuries, and inflammation Curcumin prevents the activity of inflammation pathways all because of its anti-inflammation action.

The analgesic action of curcumin provides relief from pain and also brings down the swelling.

As Sportyheal-5X has a high Curcumin content, it checks DOMS( delayed onset of muscle soreness which kicks in 6-8 hours later) and speeds ups the recovery process and does all of this with absolutely no side-effects.

By inhibiting COX-2 Curcumin ensures faster anti-inflammatory response and provides pain relief in more ways than one and also gives muscle motility a big boost up.

Regular muscle spasms can be an irritating and bothersome thing Curcumin gives instant relief from these spasms, stiffness and soreness of the muscles and all because of its compelling antispasmodic action.

How to get the Best Curcumin Supplements?

The net is overcrowded with curcumin supplements by the dozen hence it becomes essential that you do your homework before you chose.

Your choice should stop with the supplement that gives you a 100% organic curcumin and also the product should have a high curcumin content. No point in buying a supplement that has curcumin which isn’t organic and the content is low too. BIG NO to that.

Look carefully for the ingredients as if the supplement does not have black pepper or fat content do not even think about it as without this Curcumin will not get absorbed by the body.

So if you are into gymming and exercising, then Sportyheal-5X is a must in your medicine cabinet.

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