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The prostate is a small walnut-sized gland located below the bladder and right in front of the rectum. It is an integral part of the male reproductive system as it manufactures semen, a fluid which protects the sperm helping it to travel inside the female reproductive system and aids in fertilisation. Prostatitis is a condition in which the prostate gland becomes swollen and inflamed giving rise to an infection. Many people get confused with enlarged prostatitis, but they are not the same.

There are Four Types of Prostatitis:

  • Acute bacterial prostatitis- in this condition, the infection-causing bacteria finds its way into the urinary tract and give rise to an infection. The affected individual may experience chills, high fever, body and joint ache, lower back pain, difficulty in urinating and weak urine stream.
  • Chronic bacterial prostatitis- the bacterial infection in this kind of prostatitis goes in for months together. This generally happens after a man experiences UTI or acute bacterial prostatitis.
  • Chronic prostatitis- This is the most common form of prostatitis and is also known as Chronic pelvic pain syndrome. The exact reason for this condition is not known. It could be stress, some nerve damage and physical injury. IBS, chronic fatigue syndrome or UTI is also linked to it.
  • Asymptomatic prostatitis- An inflamed prostate but no symptoms is a significant characteristic of this kind of prostatitis. It can be diagnosed only by a blood test and if not treated well on time can lead to infertility.

The Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Prostatitis are :

  • Cloudy urine with blood in it
  • The urgency to urinate and frequent urination especially at night
  • Pain or burning sensation on urinating
  • Pain in the lower back or groin, testicles, pain
  • Painful ejaculation

Individuals With Prostate Infection can have the Following Risk Factors:

  • Middle-aged
  • Pelvic trauma
  • Infection in the bladder

There are many Complications also Associated with Prostatitis like:

  • Epididymitis
  • Bacterial infection of the blood
  • Prostatic abscess
  • Infertility and abnormalities in the semen

The correct diagnosis is essential in case of prostatitis. Various kinds of urine tests and blood tests are done to give an accurate diagnosis. Imaging tests like ultrasound as well as a semen test can be used to ascertain the type of prostatitis.

The Cure and Treatment for Prostate Infection

Curcumin can be of great help when it comes to treating this condition. Since it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, it will help in curbing the prostatitis infection. Bagdara Farms is one of the best producers of curcumin. Mexamin-S3 from Bagdara Farms is the best organic treatment for prostate infection.

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8 thoughts on “Fight Prostate Infection with Curcumin …. Bagdara Farms

  1. Prostatitis that too a chronic one is like living in hell. The symptoms not only bog you down physically but mentally too. On top of that the heavy antibiotics that one needs to take for months together without the surity of being fine is another hell. I was going through all of this and moreover the doctors put your morale down by saying that since its a chronic problem it will persist for life. I refused to take it lying down and started using Mexamin S-3. Very effective in controlling the infection of prostate gland. Got much required relief from it.

  2. The worst thing that a man can experience is infection in the prostate gland. Recurrent Urinary tract infection, burning sensation while urinating, blocking of urine, pain in the back are some of the symptoms of this infection and its bad. No amount of antibiotics helped me get permanent relief. Then I started Mexamin S-3 which gave me immense relief. I will continue using it and see better results.

    1. Yes, Sir you need to continue taking our Mexamin S3 for minimum of 2-3 months as that the cycle for new cell formation is 21 days so the results will take time but surely they will be seen.

  3. My husband is suffering from chronic prostatitis for the past three years and the diagnosis was not a good surprise. He is only 34 years old and was not expected to have any problems with his prostate gland at a relatively young age. Doctors started with rounds of antibiotics that would go on for months but all in vain. The symptoms of prostatitis is persisted and trust me when I say that they really affect the overall quality of life. Mexamin S-3 was suggested to us by a common friend and after three months of using it, the symptoms are lesser nowa nd hopefully, the infection will go away after using it for some more time.

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