Fresh turmeric from Bagdara Farms for healthy living

Turmeric, the most heralded spice is guarding and protecting our health since time immemorial. Popular as a wonderful cooking spice, turmeric is one of the top rated herbs on the planet.  This “Golden Spice of Life” has been an integral part of our kitchens, having lent its distinct flavor and vibrant colour to the dishes; it now is elevating our health by combating the most deadly ailments. This magical spice comes from the perennial herbaceous plant related to the ginger family; it is the safest natural remedy for ailments in the most natural way. Loaded with goodness and wholesomeness of the bio-active curcumin, is now a flavorful and a healthy trend followed world over. Its pharmacological properties sure have raised a storm in the herbal world, researchers are finding out ways to use its potentially powerful compounds to combat the most deadly ailments. Of course, it still is dear to the culinary world and we find it popping up in salad dressing, smoothies, juices, broth and cheese among other foods. So, do not worry about staining your fingers and clothes, the health blessing it’s going to bestow on you are innumerable.

This super spice is mostly available in powder form, but its nutritional values are at its high when raw. Fresh Turmeric from Bagdara Farms is the classic example of turmeric at its best. Nurtured in the most virgin and organic way, it is free of pesticides or fertilizers. The Fresh Turmeric has its essential oil intact, which means you can experience curcumin in full form. The best gift of Mother Nature, Fresh Turmeric, is absorbed fabulously by the body, due to the natural oil present in the wonder herb. Fresh Turmeric from Bagdara Farms has marvelous aroma and it immediately elevates the flavor of the food it is added to and makes it exotic in taste and vibrant in colour. Fresh Turmeric is brimming with the goodness of anti-inflammatory properties and is prodigious in relieving symptoms of rheumatic arthritis, as a natural treatment for osteoarthritis. Fresh Turmeric juice is efficacious in treating uveitis, a form of eye inflammation. Fresh Turmeric from Bagdara farms, triggers bile production, which aids and supports the digestive system. Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic and anti-fungal properties are abundant in the Fresh Turmeric root and prove to be a boon for the health. Fresh root can be used as per your convenience, whether you want to use it as whole or in liquid form, its magical properties remain intact to give your health and immunity a great boost. Fresh Turmeric from Bagdara Farms is a must try, one use and you are sure to become a big Turmeric fan just like me.

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