It would not be remiss to say that our active lifestyles expose us to the sun and its harmful rays. The fear of tanning prevents us from enjoying our life and especially in the summer months (and summer is almost upon us) when the heat is almost unbearable, tanning does not seem like a beauty ritual.

The skin forms the first layer of defence against pathogens and environmental pollutants and though sun rays are a good source of Vitamin D for our skin but over exposure is dangerous and leads to tanning and other problems.

Tanned skin is quite common whether it is natural or even artificial, but when the exposure to sun becomes too strong, it can damage the skin cells and the skin begins to look dull.

Skin tanning or sun tanning refers to the darkening of the skin cells due to prolonged exposure to sun rays.( sometimes desired by people of some countries where artificial tanning agents are used to give colour to the skin, this is sunless tanning)

How Does Our Skin Get Tanned?

Melanocytes in our skin are responsible for producing the pigment melanin which plays a protective role by absorbing the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Melanocytes produce melanin which leads to darkening of skin or tanning(melanin is either red or brown in colour) Thus tanning is your body’s way of taking care of skin and preventing damage.

Skin tanning can be caused by sun exposure or artificial radiation.

Though Skin Tanning Is Not A Disease But It Can Have Certain Ramifications, Like:

Sunburn is temporary damage to skin due to heat of the sun accompanied by symptoms like redness, peeling and painful blisters along with skin darkening and tan.

It is caused because cell damage due to sun exposure prompts the immune system to increase blood flow (hence the redness) and the white blood cells remove the damaged cells hence the skin peeling.

Premature ageing: Refers to early ageing of the skin cells which makes the skin dull and highlighting the skin imperfections even more. Tanning is a major cause of premature ageing.

Skin cancer: Harsh UV radiations tend to damage cell DNA, permanent damage to DNA can make the cells divide uncontrollably and result in skin cancer.

According to Dermatologists even artificial tanning is as harmful as UV radiation induced tanning and one is susceptible to same health and skin problems as caused by sun exposure induced tanning.

Even though it may seem fashionable to don a tan one must never forget the dangers associated with tanning hence these preventive measure must be taken:

  • Wear a sun screen always with an SPF factor of 40
  • Carry an umbrella
  • Wear full sleeves clothes
  • Stay hydrated and eat a collagen rich diet which will fasten skin repair and make it easier to remove the tan from skin layers.

To Assist You In The Endeavour To Get Clear Supple Tan Free Skin Bagdara Farms Have Selfieme-10X.

  • Selfieme-10X is enriched with the phytoprotective property of Curcumin.
  • Selfieme-10X has potent anti-inflammatory action which helps ward off pigmentation.
  • The anti-oxidant property of Curcumin in Selfieme-10X inhibits cell damage and ensures that skin stays healthy.

Curcumin In Selfieme-10X Offers Potent Photo Protection Owing To The Following Properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-oxidant property
  • Anti-microbial property
  • DNA repair property
  • Anti-cancer and chemoprotective property.
  • The anti-oxidant property of Curcumin increases the level of anti-oxidant enzymes to protect the skin from damage.
  • The nanoparticles of Curcumin in Selfieme-10X give photoprotection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant action of Curcumin potentiates its activity as a photoprotective agent.

Scientific Evidence:

The most popular study quoted in reference to turmeric’s photoprotective ability is ‘Effects of a turmeric extract (Curcuma longa) on chronic ultraviolet B irradiation-induced skin damage in melanin-possessing hairless mice’ by Sumiyoshi et. al.

In this study, an animal model was developed mimicking the effects of chronic exposure to UVB radiation. Turmeric extract prevented swelling of skin and reduction in skin elasticity caused by chronic UVB exposure.

At high doses, the extract reduced wrinkle formation and physiological changes seen in skin aging as a result of UVB exposure.

UVA radiation cause oxidative stress in the skin- the imbalance between pro-oxidant and antioxidant agents in the body. Research shows that UVA exposure can affect proteins that control oxidative stress and cell growth; this can indirectly serve as a precursor for the development of skin cancer.

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  • Curcumin in Selfieme-10X attenuates skin damage and ameliorates skin irritation caused by UVA rays.
  • Curcumin protects the skin from damage from radiation.

Selfieme-10X Can Be Used To Lighten Tan:

1 tsp. Gram flour

1 tsp. Selfieme-10X

1 tsp.Dry orange peel powder

Milk (to make paste)

  • Mix gram flour with 2 tbsps. Milk
  • Add dry orange peel powder
  • Add selfieme-10X and few drops of rosewater
  • Apply on clean washed face
  • Apply paste on face
  • Scrub off after 20 minutes
  • Wash after that
  • You can apply this mask every alternate day

Get ready to beat the heat with Selfieme-10X

3 thoughts on “Curcumin To Fend Off Tanning And Get Your Skin To Its Original Glory

  1. I am extremely light-skinned and consequently I get tanned very easily. In the past I have had bad sunburns even though I religiously apply sunscreen with high SPF value and try to stay covered as much as possible while in the sun. These burns take ages to heal and are quite agonizing. Can regular application of Selfieme help me stay protected from the harmful effects of the sun?

    1. Curcumin works like magic on skin ailments. It has photoprotective properties that help keep your skin safe when exposed to the harmful radiations of the sun. Of course, it is essential to wear your high-strength sunscreen as well whenever you step out in the sun. Selfieme contains organic and pure curcumin that also has anti-inflammatory properties which make it a perfect solution for treating sunburns that can be quite painful. The antioxidant properties of curcumin help prevent skin damage in a cellular level and also expedites the skin’s regeneration process, making it easier for you to recuperate from even the harshest of burns. What’s more, curcumin has anti-carcinogenic qualities too that help safeguards you from skin cancer caused by excessive exposure to the sun.

  2. After our Goa trip, my skin had tanned so badly that i had started peeling off. Suncreen of even high SPFs were not helping me! Probably something to do with my skin or could be the over exposure to the sun. I wanted an natural solution to remove my tan instead of going to a parlour for one of those anti tan facials. I stumbled upon Selfieme 10 -X and after using it for five times, I can see my tan getting lighter. This product is going to be in my cabinet forever!

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