Immuntoturm for Cold and Cough

We all enjoy the different seasons of the year as each season brings its special flavor. Who doesn’t want to enjoy crisp pakodas in the rains, hot piping paranthas and butter, mouthwatering drinks and ice candy to beat the heat, but what if one is unable to enjoy all of these because change of season does not mean fun for you or a chance to enjoy the good things that each season brings, because you are either in the grip of an allergy that comes with the season or seasonal flu.

Why Are We Prone To Cough and Cold During the Monsoon?

What happened to the time when if you hadn’t enjoyed a good drenching in the rain you hadn’t lived, when people would rush out to get wet in the rain as it was considered the best welcome for the blessings of the Rain God’s?

The reason is very simple changing lifestyle and habits have weakened our immune system, and we are unable to make the most of nature’s bounty.

Rainy season is the time when the bacteria and virus become hyperactive, and we are also gullible to exposure and fall victims to cold and cough during monsoons.

Another reason for this is that the temperature keeps dwindling between being too cold and then too warm, the temperature might be too hot, become cooler when it begins to rain and then spikes up again, these changes tend to trigger a cough and cold.

Rain has never been predictable, and if you get caught in rain without any protection, the drenching could lead to cold and cough.

The frequent changes in the temperature and exposure to germs and bacteria trigger infections and lead to allergies, cold and cough and even breathing problems.

These are natural reasons sometimes we do this to ourselves when we put ourselves through different temperatures staying in AC cooled rooms and then stepping out in the scorching heat.

The changing seasons open a Pandora’s box when it comes to allergies, and if your immune system is compromised, you are a sitting duck for the parasites, bacteria, and virus which are at their most active when season changes happen, and one is susceptible to Seasonal allergies.

Some Common Seasonal Allergies (Allergic Rhinitis)

If you have an allergy in a particular season, then it is put under the umbrella term Hay fever.

These allergies are generally your body’s response to outside allergens (pollen) which trigger an allergic response in your body.

The allergens trigger histamine release in the bloodstream and this, in turn, pushes mucous production as a means to coat the allergen and the result is a cough, wheezing, runny nose, fever, etc.

It is possible to experience allergic rhinitis round the year as plants do keep emitting pollens the year round. Thus it is possible for an individual to fall prey to seasonal allergy more than once.

How to be Ready to Face the Seasonal Flu Comprising of Cold and Cough?

  • The biggest mistake we make is clubbing the cold and cough as just a minor niggle, but these could turn out to be much more severe respiratory tract infections.
  • And one must never underestimate the seasonal allergies as they might trigger serious breathing problems.
  • Surprisingly the cure lies in your kitchen cabinet, Turmeric and turmeric products have the answer to your problems.
  • This yellow colored herb from the Curcuma longa family is the best remedy for all your seasonal woes.
  • The medicinal properties of turmeric are because of the curcuminoid Curcumin.
  • Curcumin is present in high amount in turmeric thus giving it dynamic anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.
  • The efficient anti-inflammatory action of Curcumin helps in bringing down chest congestion
  • Curcumin in turmeric oils also helps in getting rid of the irritating phlegm and providing relief.
  • Curcumin is a natural remedy for allergic rhinitis
  • Clinical trials on guinea pigs which were sensitized to allergens and then given curcumin showed fewer symptoms of allergies; they showed lesser signs of a runny nose and reduced congestion.
  • Curcumin has powerful decongestant properties which help bring down congestion
  • The natural antihistamine property of curcumin control histamine production inhibiting allergies.

Since Curcumin has so many benefits and just taking our regular turmeric might not be able to give us the right amount of curcumin one must turn to Curcumin Supplements.

The one concern might be the poor bio-availability of curcumin and to help with that there are a variety of Curcumin Supplements available in the market which boasts of a high curcumin content which is best equipped to give you the plethora of benefits that curcumin has.

Curcumin is not readily absorbed in the body but is the right support is there that is the right amount of black pepper and fat then the absorption of curcumin is spiked up to almost 70%.and one can get the best of this multi-faceted ingredient.

When looking for a brand go for the best brand that offers you organic and 100% fertilizer free curcumin with a high black pepper content. And Yes Bagdara Farms Promises you the Curcumin Supplements which are 100% safe and no side effects. 

Take Immunoturm and beat the seasonal cold and cough this season! 

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Clinical Trial & Our Product

Since health care & medicine is an industry, formulations are controlled through intellectual property rights denying easy access to common people and maintaining the buoyancy for the interest holders. Formula’s can be patented and that covers business interests that drive innovations these days.

So instead of conducting trials on the raw root, almost all companies promote clinically tested formulations of extracts to make it appear better then how the phytochemical was in its original state. Its like extracting an important organ from the body and then putting it on support system, expecting it to perform better in insolation then how it could perform when in it was in its natural form. The truth is, that the best way to consume a plant based medicine is in its raw form. Curcumin is one of the active ingredients in the root Curcuma Longa.

Since its more important to know what your food ate then what you ate, its important to know that the supplements you are using based on curcumin has curcumin from a gene modified variety of curcuma longa which suffers from an imbalance of every other mineral. You see a plant also behaves how a human body behaves when it is injected with steroids to gain muscle mass for body building purpose. The plants have higher levels of curcumin but all other secondary minerals found along curcumin in the plant get compromised as the plant can not feed all nutritions equally when it is designed to feed most of its nutrition towards developing higher levels of curcumin. It has severe side effects on the health of the plant and apparently on the people consuming such plants or extracts coming from these plants. However marketing and promotions have evolved to divert attention very wisely.

An extract of any herb can never be stored in its original state and hence needs base agents, preservatives which hardly leave it how it must be. We believe that access to medicine and healthcare is a basic right of every human and animal living on planet earth. Hence we do not first extract and then add preservatives or agents like pepperine to make the extract bio-available. This is the reason we never patent any of our products. We instead hand process the whole root we cultivate in our farms and share it with the people under different brand names for different health conditions based on the concentration of minerals present at testing. You can also buy the seed from us and cultivate it but it will certainly not be as potent as you get from us.

How potent is the active ingredient in the plant depends on the quality of seed, soil, water and environment. Our products work far better then most of the curcumin based supplements globally being used for Therapeutic benefits.

We do not intend to formulate or patent our products. So instead of choosing a supplement with an extract, choose wisely and go for the best and not the Cheapest.

All our products are cultivated, harvested, hand processed and distributed directly from our own farms to ensure that people who depend on our products for their acute and chronic problems get consistent supply of highest quality, ultra premium, medicinal grade, Non-GMO, Indigenous, Naturally enriched with curcumin, Wild Strand curcuma longa powder for therapeutic benefits. We cultivate this in the middle of a national park which happens to be the best breeding ground for Bengal tigers in India called Bandhavgarh.