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Nature and this beautiful planet is a gift of God; it’s precious and delicate and we make all efforts to preserve and protect it. The elements present in it demonstrate powerful creative competence, which if harnessed in safe limits can increase your ability to manifest whatever you need. However, if the elements are exploited it can lead to destructive repercussions on the environment as a whole and largely have adverse affect on our health. Well! We all are well aware that innovation and destruction go hand in hand. Mercury is one such metal that is naturally found in air, water and soil. Mercury poisoning occurs when the exposure to mercury and its compounds causes toxicity. Our body is vulnerable to consume mercury if we eat fish, dental fillings, batteries, coal burning power plants, etc to name a few. Minamata disease is an affliction, which is a result of grave detriment inflicted on our system due to chronic mercury poisoning. Characterized by numbness, speech impairment, hearing and vision loss, it can also lead to death in worst cases.

Our ancient one stop remedy for the deadliest ailment, turmeric, is still watching upon us as a guardian of our good health. The turmeric trend had caught up the internet making this spice globally vied for its rich properties. The humble haldi milk is now golden latté and is a hot favorite with people around the world. The turmeric besides adding vibrance and grandeur to our food and curries is now making a mark and popping up on “A” list café menus. The efficacious curcumin found in this prodigious herb is known to be a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic properties and brings relief to the ailing body. Turmeric as a powerful anti-oxidant can even reduce the affects of mercury poisoning.

Calmya from the lap of nature, a prodigious product from Bagdara Farms is a natural remedy for the affliction caused by the heavy metal mercury. Calmya being an excellent chelating agent displays its might at cornering and reducing the mercury burden on tissues. Its inherent anti-oxidant properties combat the oxidative stress caused by mercury toxicity. Mercury Toxicity is known to cause neurological damage and has related symptoms like mood changes, shaking of the limbs, damage to the nerves, hallucinations etc. Calmya is a dynamic neuroprotective agent and bears plethora of therapeutic properties in treating neurodegenerative diseases. The wonder herb Calmya is known to reverse adverse effects of cadmium on the male reproductive system, through its strong anti-oxidant properties. The nasty mercury chloride is known to alter the activities of anti-oxidant enzymes, which leads to damage of the renal system. Calmya’s renoprotective effect is healing and soothing in the case of the adverse affects from the mercury chlorides toxicity. It is amazing to see that how a humble herb discovered centuries away can heal, soothe and put you back on a healthy track. Calmya is an example of how this prodigious spice packed in a beautiful small jar can affect your life positively in a big way. Make it an inherent part of your life, stay healthy and happy.

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