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Your cats bring so much joy to you who doesn’t love cuddling those fur balls and listening to their mewing all the time (it is music to the ears of cat owners all over the world). Our precious babies are also prone to a lot of health problems and as their human parents it is our job to be well prepared. Thus cat supplements are a must. Now, the question arises which ones are the best for your baby. I’ll answer all these questions in the article below.

Among the many health issues are cats can face Addison’s disease is a life-threatening one.

What is Addison’s disease?

Addison’s disease in cats is a potentially life-threatening disorder caused by an inadequate amount of hormones produced by two small glands that sit just in front of the feline’s kidneys.

It is also referred to as hypoadrenocorticism, as the corticosteroids are deficient in this rare feline disease.

Cortisol is a vital for life as it provides several important functions including the release of glycogen, the conversion of proteins to energy, as well as immunosuppressant and anti-inflammatory qualities.
A feline with Addison’s disease will appear weakened, depressed, and have a low body weight. Without veterinary medical treatment, the feline’s body will not be able to carry out routine organ functions and the condition soon becomes an emergency situation.

How can you tell that your cat’s has Addison’s  Disease?

In most cases the symptoms become visible in the cat as soon as the damage to the cat’s adrenal glands, however at times these symptoms can appear over a monthly period like
( not limited to)

  • Hyperklamia (elevated blood potassium levels)
  • Weight loss
  • Weakness
  • Shaking
  • Tremors
  • Listlessness
  • Lethargy
  • Hypoglycemia(low blood sugar levels/glucose)
  • Gastrointestinal irregularities including diarrhea and vomiting
  • Depression
  • Dehydration
  • Arrhythmias(irregular heart beat)
  • Anorexia (loss of appetite)

What could bring the onset of Addison’s disease?

  • It is brought on by deficient levels of hormones regularly produced by the adrenal glands
  • Certain diseases are linked to this rare feline condition
  • The abnormality of immune system
  • Invasive diseases such as cancers can destroy the tissues of the adrenal glands leading to addison’s disease.


This disease in cats mimics the symptoms of certain other feline diseases hence the veterinarian will run a blood test as the high potassium and low sodium levels will give a clear indication of addison’s disease

ACTH simulation test to measure the adrenal glands response adrenocorticotropic hormone is the surest way of diagnosing the disease.

Treatment with Cat Supplements like Tabbycin-C 

  • Curcumin in Tabbycin-C is nature’s gift by Bagdara farms to ensure that you have a safe way to fight Addison disease and related disorders
  • Tabbycin-C from Bagdara farms is the perfect concoction for your feline friends, enriched with a high Curcumin content it has all the properties to enhance your cat’s health.
  • Curcumin in Tabbycin-C regulates the immune system thus preventing stomach disorders and also strengthening the immunity system.
  • Curcumin in Tabbycin-C, provides instant relief from painful cramps during diarrhea.
  • It is also an anti-bacterial hence it checks the growth of infection-causing bacteria
  • Curcumin in Tabbycin-C stimulates the release of cortisol and other corticoids.
  • Curcumin in Tabbycin-C stimulates the adrenal glands to increase the production of cortisone hormone thus proving quite effective in treating hypoadrenocortism.
  • Tabbycin-C has immunomodulatory properties due to the high Curcumin content, which boosts the immune system and regulates the immune system thus preventing stomach disorders and also strengthening the immunity system.
  • Tabbycin-C with its high Curcumin content has prodigious anti-inflammatory properties which help inhibit the inflammatory enzymes and pro-inflammatory genes.
  • The strong anti-inflammatory properties of Curcumin not only reduce but also prevents the movement of immune cells to the site of inflammation
  • Due to its chemical structure, Curcumin acts as a natural free radical scavenger and can also act as a stress response mimetic.
  • Tabbycin-C has high Curcumin content which is a potent anti-oxidant which kills the free radicals and reduces oxidative stress.
  • Tabbycin-C has high curcumin content which is anti-oxidant in nature.
  • Curcumin in Tabbycin-C, is rich and dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins thus giving your cat’s health the much needed boost
  • Curcumin is also an anti-bacterial hence it checks the growth of infection-causing bacteria and provides relief from diarrhea.

Dosage Of Tabbycin – C depending on your cat’s size

  • For a small cat: ¼ teaspoon of Tabbycin – C once a day
  • For a medium sized cat: ½ teaspoon of Tabbycin – C once a day
  • And For a large cat: 1 teaspoon of Tabbycin –C once a day

Cat supplements are a must, if you wish your cat to stay healthy. Tabbycin-C can be mixed with a pinch of black pepper powder and boiled with milk and given to the cat daily twice as per the dosage prescribed above. 

Tabbycin-C is a wonderful cat supplement and has all the properties to prevent this rare disorder in your cat and also to ensure that other complications that are related to this disease do not trouble your cat. Make TABBYCIN -C a part of your feline baby’s life and give them the best gift of good health.

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Clinical Trial & Our Product

Since health care & medicine is an industry, formulations are controlled through intellectual property rights denying easy access to common people and maintaining the buoyancy for the interest holders. Formula’s can be patented and that covers business interests that drive innovations these days.

So instead of conducting trials on the raw root, almost all companies promote clinically tested formulations of extracts to make it appear better then how the phytochemical was in its original state. Its like extracting an important organ from the body and then putting it on support system, expecting it to perform better in insolation then how it could perform when in it was in its natural form. The truth is, that the best way to consume a plant based medicine is in its raw form. Curcumin is one of the active ingredients in the root Curcuma Longa.

Since its more important to know what your food ate then what you ate, its important to know that the supplements you are using based on curcumin has curcumin from a gene modified variety of curcuma longa which suffers from an imbalance of every other mineral. You see a plant also behaves how a human body behaves when it is injected with steroids to gain muscle mass for body building purpose. The plants have higher levels of curcumin but all other secondary minerals found along curcumin in the plant get compromised as the plant can not feed all nutritions equally when it is designed to feed most of its nutrition towards developing higher levels of curcumin. It has severe side effects on the health of the plant and apparently on the people consuming such plants or extracts coming from these plants. However marketing and promotions have evolved to divert attention very wisely.

An extract of any herb can never be stored in its original state and hence needs base agents, preservatives which hardly leave it how it must be. We believe that access to medicine and healthcare is a basic right of every human and animal living on planet earth. Hence we do not first extract and then add preservatives or agents like pepperine to make the extract bio-available. This is the reason we never patent any of our products. We instead hand process the whole root we cultivate in our farms and share it with the people under different brand names for different health conditions based on the concentration of minerals present at testing. You can also buy the seed from us and cultivate it but it will certainly not be as potent as you get from us.

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