Like the wind of change uplifted and enhanced the environment around us, one bane with it also got enhanced and now it sure is on a constant rise. Alcoholism which starts with binge drinking is enveloping our lives and infact a survey says that it will soon become a routine which most of us would follow and that certainly isn’t great news. Alcoholism in layman’s term can be explained as a constant craving to have alcohol.

What causes alcoholism?

You or people around don’t always drink to toast for happiness or merry making. There are several factors which lead to alcoholism.

What could possibly drive a person from having occasional drink to a full blown alcohol addiction?

Can it be the stress?

  • Yes! You can say that it’s the unhealthy way out with no positive results and failing health is the only consequence. This is one way people choose to cope up with the stress that we face in today’s time. Drinking may lead them to feel positive about stress in general life, pressure at work or catastrophic event temporarily.

Can Drinking at a young age lead to Alcoholism?

  • Yes! This makes the person comfortable with alcohol, further turns into a long term habit and coverts into alcoholism. The body’s tolerance to alcohol increases over a period and the person is able to consume large amounts of it.

Can the mental instability or depression be the reason for alcoholism?

  • Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or other mental health issues can increase the risk of alcoholism. It’s the easiest way out to turn to the bottle, when anxious or depressed and thereby feeling comforted for a little while. This is another leading cause for alcohol addiction.

Can turmeric be the natural cure for alcoholism too?

  • Don’t be surprised when I say yes! This magical herb is potent at treating the notorious habit in the most natural way.
  • This well known and revered medicinal herb works efficiently and prevents the occurrence of many infections that come along with this chronic self made ailment.

Can Alchorid help to treat effects of alcohol?

As the name suggests, this super formulation from the lap of nature of Bagdara Farms, not only helps you gradually give up this unhealthy habit, but also continue the repair work in the body due to the damage caused by this dangerous practice.

  • The active ingredient curcumin in turmeric works prodigiously at repairing the liver, which faces the most adversities in this condition of alcoholism. Alchorid effectively can be used to treat the liver damage and oxidative stress in case of alcoholism.
  • Alchorid with all the powers of curcumin in it helps bring our body’s circadian clock back on track and restores the daily hormonal levels, thereby cornering sleep disruptions which get you irritable and cranky.
  • The anti-viral properties in Alchorid are able to restrict the replication and gene expression of HBV. Alchorid is an effective preventive therapy to treat Hepatitis B virus, which is most likely to strike you in the condition of alcoholism.
  • The anti-oxidant present in Alchorid if consumed regularly seem to provide a protective shield to the DNA from damage and protects the liver from the harms of oxidative stress which is prevalent in alcoholism.
  • The natural anti-inflammatory properties in Alchorid inhibit the expression of micro RNA’s and cytokines that are responsible for mediating inflammation and prevent damage or harm to the body tissues.
  • Alchorid is an excellent detoxifier, which is much needed in this toxic state of health. Brimming with the potent curcumin, Alchorid aids the detoxification process of toxic chemicals that are definitely present in the body due to alcoholism which can do much harm. Alchorid further flushes it out of your system in order to give your body a new lease of life.
  • Withdrawal symptoms in the wretched condition of alcoholism bother you as much as the condition itself. Alchorid helps you handle the deleterious side effects naturally and organically without causing any side effect. Alchorid also exerts a neuro protective action and protects the brain and nervous system . There is no doubt that consumption of this all organic product which is brimming with the goodness of nature and nutrients will only pave way for the best of your health

So, if you want to get high on life, its time you say yes to Alchorid which certainly is there to kick the unwanted bottles out of your life. Say yes to Alchorid and no to Alcoholism.

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