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Being a competitive sports person in today’s day and age is a tough job especially when performance-enhancing drugs and steroids has become the norm to improve stamina and performance. You may not even be earning your living from being a competitive sports person, but you might enjoy it as a hobby. Even in that case, it is an all-consuming affair since it tends to eat up a sizeable chunk of your earnings. Protein shakes, and nutrition bars are expensive and difficult to procure as are gym memberships and personal trainers.

There is an entire industry that thrives on health fads and miracle diets. They make their products sound exotic and difficult to find so that their exorbitant prices can be justified. From cold pressed juices to glamorous fruit strips to rare herbs, the health industry has exploited almost every tiny ingredient of Nature’s bounty to fill their coffers. It is sad that being fit and active has become so complicated these days.

As is the case with most things these days, it is always a prudent decision to turn a blind eye to all the fads doing the rounds in the commercial space and turn to the wisdom that has percolated from centuries ago and is still applied by grandmothers and mothers in most houses. There is a common spice that is used very frequently in Indian homes that have very strong capabilities when it comes to improving stamina and maximizes performance in sports. The name of this innocuous spice is turmeric, and the component that makes turmeric so therapeutic is Curcumin. Curcumin is a polyphenol found in abundance in turmeric. It has been relied upon by Ayurvedic doctors for ages to improve an individual’s overall health as well as treat many diseases and conditions.

For aspiring athletes as well as those who are keen on keeping their bodies in the pink of health, can benefit from taking curcumin regularly.

Ways in which Curcumin Helps to Build Stamina are:

    1. One of the keys to enhancing performance and stamina is increasing cellular mitochondria. Mitochondria are found within the body cells and are responsible for producing the energy that is needed for the cells to function optimally. Using oxygen and other nutrients, these mitochondria produce an energy-carrying substance known as ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate that is used by the cells to perform functions like muscle contractions, cardiac functions, neurological processes etc. Naturally, by increasing the number of cellular mitochondria, there is bound to be an increase in ATP which then creates a surplus of energy that allows higher energy, endurance and strength. All of this can be achieved by consuming curcumin regularly since curcumin can increase mitochondrial density.
    2. Curcumin is also known to improve the body’s metabolism and make it easier for blood to flow through the body.
    3. An article published in a leading sports magazine known as Runner’s World talks about how NSAIDs and antihistamines bring down the pain caused by strenuous sports but at the same time cause muscle damage as well. Curcumin is said to be a good alternative since it reduces the level of a certain muscle damage marker known as creatine kinase over just seven days.
    4. Muscular stress caused by exercise causes microscopic tears in the muscles. These tears cause inflammation and pain. Muscle damage triggers a process known as neutrophil respiratory burst which leads to the release of free radicals. These oxygen free radicals clean up muscle debris caused by the injury but are also responsible for increased inflammation and pain. Being a potent antioxidant, Curcumin helps in scavenging these free radicals and reducing the oxidative stress caused by them. This helps in reducing the pain.

Sportyheal-5X is a fantastic supplement from the house of Bagdara Farms. It is made especially for sportspeople and those who pursue strenuous exercise regimens to keep their body in good shape. It is made using Curcumin that is grown at Bagdara Farms and is entirely pure and unadulterated. Artificial pesticides and fertilisers are kept far far away from the Curcumin grown here. This ensures that no chemical residues are sneaking their way into the supplements made at Bagdara. Try Sportyheal-5X and see how your body suddenly seems capable of doing much more than it ever could before!

3 thoughts on “Boost Your Stamina And Endurance With Curcumin

  1. After three months of running on the treadmill, I had a tear in my ligament in the knee. I didnt want a surgical intervention and found Sportyheal 5 -X after quite a bit of research. After I started using it, I got cold feel the relief in my condition and I am continuing to use it for complete relief. Give it a shot before taking any other allopathic medicine. You will feel the difference!

    1. Running a marathon requires not just stamina but also sustained energy and a quick recoverability. Regular consumption of curcumin post your training sessions can help increase your ATP levels and therefore provide endurance, energy, and strength along with better musculoskeletal healing. Curcumin also improves the metabolic rate and therefore improves blood circulation too. Start taking Sportyheal every day after your training session so that you are better equipped to handle the strain of running long distance.

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