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We live in a socially demanding world, where we are sometimes lured to pick up unhealthy habits, which may look sophisticated and cool but have long term adverse affect on our health. Smoking is one such vice which most of us take up, knowing that it increases our vulnerability to many ailments. While it momentarily, according to smokers, releases stress and worry, it causes more harm than good. The increased level of nicotine in the body elevates the risk of lung cancer; it also puts the heart at risk and also is responsible for various chronic lung diseases like emphysema and bronchitis. In women, nicotine increases the risk of still birth, low birth weight, infertility, premature birth and sudden infant death syndrome. Nicotine the stimulant in tobacco is associated with all the ailments that strike smokers. Although a number of treatments are available, a natural product like turmeric works wonderfully on such condition.

Turmeric coined as the most powerful spice on the planet, we cannot help but refer it to as the Queen of Spices. Turmeric is a potent natural anti-inflammatory that works wonders without any side effects. Turmeric has been an indispensable part of our kitchens. Turmeric when added to our meals makes them flavorful and lends them its distinct color. Turmeric is soaring up in the popularity charts with its wide ranging goodness and wholesomeness. This super spice underlines the health of our lungs with all the powerful anti-inflammatory properties and proves to be beneficial in the condition of tobacco toxicity.

Livturm, the powerful product curated at Bagdara Farms is brimming with the goodness of curcumin, which is a strong anti-oxidant. This is a pharma logical property that shields the lungs from nicotine induced oxidation damage. Livturm depreciates the lung inflammation and corners obstruction in the air way caused by the cigarette smoke; owing to it super anti-inflammatory properties. This magical product thwarts any lung damage from progressing into cancer; Livturm’s anti- carcinogens properties are responsible for this wondrous development. The anti-oxidant action found in Livturm is found to protect kidney health from oxidation stress, caused by cigarette smoke. Livturm’s rich curcumin protects other organs from smoking induced toxicity. It is also found to be instrumental in protecting us from DNA damage caused by nicotine. So smokers beware of the harmful tobacco and adopt a healthy lifestyle by making Livturm an integral part of your life.

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